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What is a Puffball seed?

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Some plants produce puffball seed heads. The dandelion is the most familiar example, which have round, whitish-gray seed heads. Individual seeds are dispersed by the wind and are borne by tiny parachutes, called pappi (sigular: pappus).

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Can Puffball mushrooms kill you?

No, Giant Puffball mushroom cannot kill you there are no known poisonous types of puffball.

What type of fungus is pear shaped?

puffball puffball

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What is the scientific name of puffball?


Is a puffball a zygote fungus?

No, it is a basidiomycete.

Does puffball reproduce by spores?


Is a puffball an animal?

No, they are mushrooms a type of fungal fruiting body. When mature a puffball is packed with spores which can spray out in a "puff" if the mushroom cap is broken.

Is a puffball a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?


Scientific name of puffball?

Lycoperdon pyriforme

A puffball fungus is a type of?

sac fungus

How many cells does a puffball has?

3 million

What is a round or pear shaped fungus called?

A puffball.

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A round pear shaped fungus that contains spores?

PUFFBALL! Mushroom.

How are puffball mushrooms adapted to their surroundings?

They can adapt by putting its head on a tree

Sac fungi is a mushroom and puffball?

No, those are a part of the Club fungi.

Is puffball a living thing?

No..Scientist declare them as non-living things..

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What characteristic of living things is represented by a puffball releasing millions of spores?