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A pyromaniac is someone who likes to deliberately start fires and enjoys watching the chaos it causes.

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Q: What is a Pyromaniac?
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How do you say pyromaniac in German?

A male pyromaniac is called "ein Pyromane"A female pyromaniac is called "ein Pyromanin"

Give you a sentence with pyromaniac?

The pyromaniac was discovered in the barn, with matches and tinder.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pyromaniac - 1995?

Pyromaniac - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: South Korea:15

Who is responsible for a pyromaniac damage to your home?

First, check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered for it. Otherwise, you could sue the pyromaniac for the damage, but the pyromaniac may not have any significant assets. You might be stuck paying the bills yourself.

What words which start with prefix pyro?


What is the name for people who burn things?


What is it called when your addicted to burning stuff?


How do you get the pyromaniac achievement on Plants vs Zombies?


What is a person called that likes to play with fire?

They are called a pyromaniac.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pyromaniac - 1995?

The cast of Pyromaniac - 1995 includes: Michael Barron Gabrielle Beimford Phil Dozois Karen Fontaine Jennifer Taub as Mary

What name is given to a person who has an uncontrollable urge to light fires?


What do you call a person that like to burn up stuff?

You call them a Pyromaniac.

What is the opposite of a pyromaniac?

Aquaman. He can also talk to dolphins, unlike pyromaniacs.

What is a good title for a science project about burned paper?

the cycle of an pyromaniac

What words have p and y together?

pyromania happy nippy pyromaniac

What do you call a person who enjoys setting fires?

Such a person is called a pyromaniac

How do you know if your a pyromaniac?

You enjoy setting objects on fire. Most pyromaniacs fill some sexual void by setting fires and watching them burn. You might be a pyromaniac if you like destroying things with fire and watching the chaos.

If a pyromaniac is obsessed with fire what would a person be called if they were obsessed with water?


What is the medical term meaning people who set things on fire deliberately?


What do you call someone who likes to burn things?

If they like it too much, Pyromaniac

Which Simpsons episode featured Ralph's pyromaniac leprechaun?

S09|Ep18 This Little Wiggy

What is the noun form of pyromania?

Pyromania is the noun form. A person affected by pyromania is a pyromaniac.

Was Barack Obame wise and clever in his work?

About as clever as someone who trusts a pyromaniac to fix their furnace.

What is a one word substitute for obsessed with setting fires?

It is called pyromania. The person is a pyromaniac, or firebug.

What is it called when somebody likes to play with fire?

The term "pyromaniac" describes a person who enjoys setting objects on fire.