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A little more description, please. I can't locate a Savage Model 77 in the Blue Book. If it is a rifle, the thing on the end is probably a flash-hider, and if it is a shotgun it is probably an adjustable choke. IF it is a silencer and you are in the US, contact the nearest ATF agent to get your 10 year vacation in a federal "resort." In California and a few other places, even having a flash-hider or threads on the barrel to screw one on can turn some hunting rifles into evil assault weapons.

Edit by Henry0Reilly - The Stevens-Savage 77B is a pump shotgun and the thing on the end is almost certainly an adjustable choke. The value is from $130 - $200, depending on condition.

I have a savage model 77B pump shotgun and the thing on the end is certantly an adjustable choke it has 3 settings; full, modified, and improved. Full makes the widest pattern, and improved makes the smallest, with modified being some where in between.

Slight correction: Full makes smallest. Improved makes widest.

Full for longer range.

Improved for closer.

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Q: What is a Savage Model 77b worth with something that looks like it may be a silencer on the end?
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