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When there is only one hard drive (disk) in the computer, the jumper(s) on the back of the disk (next to the power socket) should be set to Master or Stand Alone. When there are two disks, one must be designed Master & the other Slave or the system will not boot or only one disk will be seen.

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Q: What is a Single Drive Configuration?
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Single drive

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If a hard drive has slave-drive configuration it is probably?

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What are Hard Drive Configuration?

Hard Drive configuration is used to define the Slave and master Hard Drive. When we are attaching more than one hard drive the configuration is used. Configuration is done by jumper setting which is available in back side of hard drive...1st two pins for master hard drive and last pins are slave..

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What incorrect drive configuration would you be able to access files on the hard drive by booting from the CD or floppy drive?

Please give the example of what incorrect configuration you had in mind. My second question is why would you use an Incorrect Configuration in the first place?

In what incorrect drive configuration?

In a Windows operating system, an incorrect drive configuration usually indicates a physical error. The error could be part of the drive itself or in the actual mechanism.

When installing a hard drive and a CD rom drive in the same IDE channel which do you configure as the master and which as the slave?

It would be best to configure the CD drive as the Master and have the hard drive set to slave. This configuration normally allows the CD drive to function when hard drive is not bootable on a single channel IDE.

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