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Q: What is a State plan for special education?
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Where can I get a special education certification?

You can get a special education certificate at Easter State University in Michigan. It looks to be one of the best for special education. They offer a variety of programs for special education and you should be able to get your certificate.

Are there requirements for the special education certification If so, what?

In order for you to teach for special education you need a licence, not just the certification. Depending the state in which you teach, you might have other requirements required from the state.

Information about Becoming a Secondary School Special Education Teacher?

Secondary school special education teachers are trained to teach children with special needs in grades K-12. Special education teachers must work with an individualized education plan. This plan is designed to help special education teachers properly teach each special needs child in a class. Typically, a special education teacher will work with students who are mentally, emotionally, or physically impaired.RequirementsSpecial education teachers must have adequate training to properly teach students with special needs. Typically, a special education teacher must possess a four year degree in special education. Many special education degrees focus on specific areas of the field such as children with mild, moderate or severe disabilities. Individuals must have a certain amount of student teaching time before they may officially teach in a classroom. Before any individual may begin teaching special education, the PRAXIS test must be successfully taken and passed. The amount of schooling required to become a special education teacher may vary from state-to-state.Teachers must also be state certified before entering a classroom. State certification information will vary depending on each state's requirements. Individuals may opt to become licensed in general special education, which enables teachers to teach students in kindergarten through twelfth grade or become licensed in a certain area such as behavior disorders.Certain students studying to become special education teachers may wish to obtain a master's degree in special education once a bachelor's degree is earned.SalaryMany teachers who just enter the field of special education are paid a salary of around $33,000. Certain special education teachers may earn less money depending on the school district. Experienced special education teachers can earn upwards of $70,000 depending on previous experience, as well as location of the school.The average salary for a special education teacher is around $50,000. Many special education teachers earn more money by coaching students, as well as teaching classes during the summer months.The demand for special education teachers is expected to grow in the coming years. More special needs students are entering the school systems. More teachers are needed to keep up with the growing amount of special needs students in the school system.

Which state as the best special education programs?

I think California has always been known for having the best special education programs. "I've always heard that all education, not just special education programs, in New Jersey were far ahead of the rest of the country."

Is a special education certificate a real thing that is requirement?

It's not necessarily a special education certifiacate per say it depends from one state to the next. You can obtain special education credentials along with your teaching degree if that's what you are wanting to know just by adding it to your education criteria.

Teach special education with a MSW?

To teach special education within the public school system within the United States, you must have a bachelor's degree in a special education teacher program from a regionally accredited college or university and state teacher certification. There are alternative routes that may be possible, however you would have to contact the State Board of Education, within the state you would like to teach for information. I know there are alternative routes where individuals can obtain certification to teach within the mainstream, however I do not know if it would apply to special education.

What information do I need for special education courses?

There are opportunities to work in the special education field that do not require certification such as support staff or classroom aides. For certification, there are many online institutions that offer degree programs and certifications. Each state has it's own standards and requirements for special education teachers, so checking your state's department of education website may answer many questions.

Are college grants available for special education teachers?

Yes there are many grants available for someone studying to become a special education teacher. One helpful link I found was This let's you search specifically for special education grants that are provided by the government state by state. This will help hone in on the grants that may be available for you.

Invest in Your Child's Future With a 529 Plan?

A 529 savings plan is a special investment that is specifically designed to help you pay for your child's education. It is important to note that there are two types of 529 plans available: Pre-paid Plans- This is a 529 plan run by a specific college, and the money invested in such a plan is intended to be used at that university. College Savings Plans- This is a state run 529 plan. The savings in a state run 529 savings plan can be used at any eligible university in the country.

What has the author Michael S Rosenberg written?

Michael S. Rosenberg has written: 'Special education for today's teachers' -- subject(s): Special education, Education, Children with disabilities, Special education teachers, Study and teaching 'Special education for today's teachers' -- subject(s): Special education, Education, Children with disabilities, Special education teachers, Study and teaching 'The special education sourcebook' -- subject(s): Special education, Bibliography, Directories, Handbooks, manuals

What is the history of special education in Pakistan?

history of special education

What type of bachelor's degree is needed for special education graduate program?

Special education teachers have a degree in education and a regular teaching credential and then get class work done in special education and a credential in special education.