What is a Waiver of Security Deposit?

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Generally speaking, a waiver of security deposit means that the management of the property being rented (apartment, etc.) has agreed to allow a renter to skip putting up a normally required deposit for the property. Sometimes management is willing to do this for a prospective tenant.

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Q: What is a Waiver of Security Deposit?
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Besides a security deposit how much can a landlord charge for a pet deposit on 2 cats?

That depends on the laws of the state. In Massachusetts, a pet deposit is a security deposit, and the total security deposit cannot be more than one month's rent.

Will you receive your full security deposit back?

security deposit from what? try asking again but more detailed

Do you have to return a security deposit by mail?

As long as you get your security deposit back, it doesn't matter how he gives it back to you.

What is a pet deposit?

Most states consider a pet deposit to be the same as a security deposit. In states that limit the amount of a security deposit, collecting both would be a violation of the law.

Are security deposit refundable?

Yes. That's the idea of a deposit.

What does the number 310 mean in a social security benefits deposit?

The Social Security benefits. Deposit, accompanied by the service code 310 gives the benefactor an indication that the deposit was a special circumstance deposit. This type of deposit is usually an one time deposit.

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit in CA?

He landlord has 21calender days from the time to you vacate, to give you an accounting or your security deposit back. If the are outside the 21time days they forfeit all rights to your security deposit.

What is in Vladek's security deposit?


What does Pawan mean?

To deposit as security

Can you live your security deposit?


What can you do if your landlord refuses to give you back your security deposit because you lost your receipt?

If your landlord accepted the security deposit from you he must return to you unless he have legal grounds to keep all or part of the security deposit. I don't think that the loss of your receipt for the security deposit is enough to allow your landlord to keep it. Thus you can sue him.

Can you put a lien on property for collecting security deposit?

Isn't the security deposit part of the conditions of renting? If you are wanting to have the deposit returned, small claims court is the way to go.

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