What is a Washington 5c worth?

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George Washington's portrait never appeared on a circulating nickel. Please check again and post a new question.
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What is Scrap bronze worth in Washington?

As of October 13, 2008 - scrap bronze pricing is as follows:. mixed brass and bronze approximately $1.11 per pound. aluminum bronze solids approx. $1.45 per pound

What is a George Washington dollar worth?

If it's a gold-colored brass coin with the Statue of Liberty on the back, face value only. If it's a bill dated 1963 or later, face value only in circulated condition. I

What is a 5c Thomas Jefferson stamp worth?

There are several varieties but all are quite collectible. Condition is a huge factor in older stamps like these. If the stamp is damaged in any serious way-- i.e. thin spots,

What is the value of a stamp that says US Washington 5c?

To many variables to determine. Consult a catalog, available online or at your local library. In most cases the value is going to be pretty low, as Washington is a common subj
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What are Washington dollar coins worth?

All of the business strikes of presidential dollar coins and other modern one dollar coins are face value only. Unless it's a proof or uncirculated coin in it's original Mint
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Is the IPhone 5c worth it?

The answer to this is always subjective, based on what you'relooking for in a phone. If you like the iPhone, then you willprobably like the 5c. If you prefer the Galaxy series