What is a Wilms Tumor?

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Wilms tumor is a neoplasm of the kidneys that typically occurs in children. It is eponymously named after Dr Max Wilms, a German surgeon (1867-1918). It is also known as a nephroblastoma.

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Q: What is a Wilms Tumor?
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What is the medical term meaning kidney tumor that occurs in children?

Wilms tumorWilms TumorWilms tumor

Is Wilms' tumor malignant?

Wilms' tumor is a type of malignant tumor

What causes Wilms' tumor?

The cause of Wilms' tumor is not completely understood

How can Wilms' tumor be prevented?

There are no known ways to prevent a Wilms' tumor, although it is important that children with birth defects associated with Wilms' tumor be carefully monitored.

What demographic group gets Wilms' tumor?

Wilms' tumor occurs almost exclusively in young children

Is a Wilms tumor infectious or noninfectious?

Wilms tumor is a cancerous tumor (noninfectious). It is a leading cause of cancer in young children, affecting the kidney and its development.

What is the treatment for Wilms' tumor?

In the United States, treatment for Wilms' tumor almost always begins with surgery to remove or decrease the size of the kidney tumor.

What is the prognosis for Wilms' tumor?

The prognosis for patients with Wilms' tumor is quite good, compared to the prognosis for most types of cancer.

Most common cause of sudden death in wilms tumor?

there can be many causes of death under different circumstances and states and is not necessary that it would be wilms tumor

How prevalent is Wilms' tumor?

In the United States, Wilms' tumor occurs in 8.3 individuals per million in white children under the age of 15 years.

Wilms tumor is associated with which syndrome?

Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome

Who discovered Wilms' tumor?

It is named for Max Wilms, a German surgeon (1867-1918) and is also known as a nephroblastoma.

Which is radiosensitive tumor?

Lymphoma multiple myeloma seminoma wilms ewings medulloblastoma

What birth effects accompany Wilms' tumor?

Wilms' tumors are found more commonly in patients with other types of birth defects. These defects include:

What is childhood renal carcinoma?

It's called Wilms tumor. It's a malignant tumor of the kidney occuring in childhood. This tumor may be treated with surgery, radiation therapy, and chemo.

What could be the cause of my stomach feeling hard if I'm not pregnant?

A rigid abdomen could be a sign of peritonitis or Wilms tumor.

What is the physiology of Wilms' tumor?

When an unborn baby is developing, the kidneys are formed from primitive cells. Over time, these cells become more specialized.

When was Eva Wilms born?

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When was Dorothee Wilms born?

Dorothee Wilms was born in 1929.

When was David Wilms born?

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When was Alissa Wilms born?

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When did Friedrich Wilms die?

Friedrich Wilms died in 1919.

When was Friedrich Wilms born?

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When did Max Wilms die?

Max Wilms died in 1918.