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What is a baby brumby called?

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A brumby is simply a wild horse so a baby is called a foal.

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the brumby horse got its name from the aboriginal name they like to use ''burumbie''. Or some people say that this horse got it's name from a man called John brumby he loved horses.

Brumby or (plural) Brumbies

It's actually called a Brumby, and they are from Africa.

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Get a male brumby (stallion) and a female brumby (mare), and breed them! Or you could one one in the sales.

John brumby is the premier for Victoria

Colin Brumby was born in 1933.

Madeline Brumby is 5' 6".

The Brumby was handed out on August 18, 2009

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The term brumbyrefers to a wild horse in Australia.

Brumby Engineering College was created in 1928.

Monique Brumby was born on 1974-09-16.

John Brumby is the current (2010) Premier of the Australian state of Victoria.

There is a breed of wild pony- the only wild horse breed in Australia- called a Brumby.

There are 13 silver brumby books and Eyne Mitchell is dead

Eva Brumby was born on July 9, 1922, in Berlin, Germany.

Eva Brumby died on May 14, 2002, in Hamburg, Germany.

Frank H. Brumby died on 1950-07-16.

Frank H. Brumby was born on 1874-09-11.

The Silver Brumby - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

There is no breed called the "bumpy". However, if you meant to say "brumby", the answer is different parts of Africa.

The name of this type of horse is called a 'Brumby'.

John Mansfield Brumby (born 21 April 1953), Australian Labor Party politician

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