What is a bamboo tree?

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Q: What is a bamboo tree?
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Related questions

Is bamboo a tree or grass?

Bamboo comes from the bamboo tree. So technically the actual bamboo that comes from the tree is a plant (grass).

What is the different between a mango tree and a bamboo tree?

Bamboo is not a tree, it is a grass.

Is the bamboo a tree?

Bamboo is the tallest grass in the world Remember Bamboo is a grass not a tree!

Is bamboo tree mesophytes xerophytes or hydrophytes?

is bamboo tree mesophytes ,xerophytes or hydrophytes

How do you planting the bamboo tree?

I do well planting the bamboo tree

Is bamboo a herb shrub or a tree?

is bamboo a herb shrub or a tree

Why bamboo is not a tree?

Bamboo is actually a grass!

Is bamboo tree is a tree?

No, it is a grass

Is bamboo plant a tree or a shrub?

Bamboo is a grass.

Can I eat a tree?

Yes you can, bamboo is a plant so, it relates to a tree. Technically it is a tree, it is also what pandas eat. If pandas eat bamboo, us humans can eat bamboo too since we are the strongest in the food chain.

What are the differences of bamboo with coconut tree?

Bamboo is grass and Coconut is Palm.

What is English name for savvuku tree?

Bamboo Tree

Is bamboo a grass or a tree?

Bamboo is a woody perennial grass.

What type of tree does a panda climb?

Bamboo. Pandas live in bamboo forests.

What is the difference between bamboo and other trees?

Bamboo is a type of grass. It is not a tree.

What are the uses of bamboo tree?

Bamboo is NOT a tree, it is a grass. Bamboo is used in scaffolding, as a food (bamboo shoots) as a hedgerow, as an ornamental plant, for chopsticks, as a composite material in fabricated natural products (flooring, chopping boards) etc.

What are the qualities of bamboo tree?

Some qualities of a bamboo tree are that they can be used for many things. Bamboo is great for construction, writing surface, a weapon, medicine, texture, paper and a lot of other things.

Are willow trees made of bamboo?

No, Willow trees are mostly wood, bamboo is a type of grass, there is no bamboo in a willow tree.

What is the meaning of bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of tree that grows in a stalk and parts of it are eaten by pandas.

Is bamboo a member of the tree family?

According to a PBS nature program, bamboo is a grass.

What does a bamboo tree look like?

It looks like a bamboo rod. just longer.

What are examples of plants with of hard stem?

Bamboo. Trees. Pineapple.

Is bamboo a deciduous tree?

it is a grass

What tree grows fast?


Which animal uses bamboo the most?

tree frog