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Monerans, now known as bacteria, have many beneficial effects. Some, such as the species that live in the intestines of cows, aid in digestion. In fact, eukaryotic cell origin is believed to have come from a symbiotic and benficial relationship between bacteria.

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Q: What is a beneficial effect of monerans?
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What kingdom do monerans belong to?

Monerans are their own kingdom!Monerans are their own kingdom!

Do monerans have nucleus?

Monerans do NOT have a nucleus!

Why is greenhouse effect beneficial?

It is generally not regarded as beneficial to humanity.

What are monerans commonly known as?

Most monerans are bacteria.

Do monerans have a mitochondria?

No. Monerans are type of prokaryotes. They do not have mitochindria

Are monerans prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Monerans are always prokaryotic.

Do monerans have backbones?

no; monerans are single-celled organisms

Are all monerans prokaryotes?

Yes, Monerans are prokaryotes.

Do monerans have on cell or many cells?

Monerans are single-celled.

Are monerans single celled?

Yes, monerans are single celled

Example of a monerans?

Sprilla and Coccie Bacteria are examples of Monerans.

What are facts about monerans?

Monerans are unicellular organisms that do not have organized nuclei.

What economic importance of monerans?

monerans come under bacteria

Do monerans have DNA?

yes monerans have DNA. they couldn't reproduce without it

How are monerans and protests different?

Monerans are prokaryotic while protists are eukaryotic

What does beneficial mean in the sentence 'Oxygen has a beneficial effect on your body and brain'?


What makes moneran moneran?

Monerans are:UnicellularDoesn't Have a nucleusAutotroph/HeterotrophMono = one, refers to the uni cellular body Monerans that is why they are MONERANS :)

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What mutation is beneficial?

Well, there is no specific type of mutation that is beneficial. They can be harmful, helpful, or have no effect at all.

What is beneficial mutations?

Well, there is no specific type of mutation that is beneficial. They can be harmful, helpful, or have no effect at all.

What Does Beneficial To Organism Means?

An organism is a living thing, and if something is beneficial that means it has a good effect. For example, vitamins and minerals are beneficial to an organism.

Are monerans microscopic?


Can monerans reproduce?


What is the main difference between monerans and protists?

monerans don't have nucleus on their cell, unlike protists