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a good gift is be the closest friend she/he has ever had


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Depends on who's birthday it is... if its a good friend or family definitely give a gift. Giving flowers to a friend is fine to.

Yes. There is no reason why only one person should be able to give a gift.

The best birthday gift are both flowers and her favorite gift and have people she knows call her wish her happy birthday and give her gifts. These are what you should give your wife.

We cannot say with any exactness as we know nothing about him. A gift should show you have considered the recipients tastes and should be within your budget.

Give something that describes the person heart.

A nice gift for your best friend would be a picture frame with lots of pictures in it of you and her together, and maybe in one of the pictures you could put a little note saying happy birthday or something......hope this helps!!

The best thing or give to give a girl friend on her birthday is a study Bible.

Having them be your best friend is gift enough. Friendship is the most beautiful thing in the world, and them being your best friend is even better. If they give you an inanimate object, like a book, movie, or card, that's great. But don't loose sight of what's really important. Your friendship.

a picture frame with you and her inside itsomething that s/he will laugh atsomething to do with what s/he likesgirl- jewelry

For your friend's birthday you should give him or her something that she or he likes and if you don't know just be creative I got my friend a BIG birthday card with lots of pictures of us and her threw the years.

It would be difficult to do so. Your best option is to give the gift and apologise for the delay.

Generally speaking the truth is the best gift you can give anyone is a love for the truth. In this way your gift will be returned many times over.

Give him something that is useful to him. Has he mentioned something he wished to have before, buy that for him.

Best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have - a four leaf clover good luck charm that is so rare and unique just like your friendship.

Give your time to your friend

Kai's Birthday Is Summer 22.The best Gift to give him is a Pineapple.

The best gifts for birthday gifts for friend is not to buy a cheap gift but to give them the gift of your time. Create coupons for them for like a free dinner, house cleaning, babysitting services, etc. You would be surprised how much more they will appreciate this present.

give her your love and a big gift give her your love and a big gift

Skye's Birthday is Summer 10.The Best gift to give him is Finest Curry.

Probably a necklace with her name, or a meaningful word on it.

Golf clubs are a good gift for you to give to your friend.

If your friend gave away the gift he or she was going to give to you or if they gave away the gift that you gave to them, there really isn't anything you can do. It is best not to make too big a deal over it.

You could give them a friendship bracelet or necklace?

give him a nintendo ds,dsi of ds ite or what he wishes for on his birthday

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