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The PC is better for graphic design because it has more capabilities and software for it than the Mac has.

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Q: What is a better computer for graphic design a mac or PC?
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What apple computer is best for graphic design?

The 27" iMac is excellent for graphic design. The ultimate would be the Mac Pro paired with a 27" LED Mac Monitor.

The Apple Macintosh computer known as the Mac is very popular in the graphic design industry True or False?


What Mac should you get?

Any Mac will be a good Mac but it depends what you want to do with it to determine which one to get! For music design and graphic design you want a G5 tower computer. For general use just buy an iMac G5! Hope that helps!

I do a lot of print design work, which type of computer monitor is better for me, an LCD or CRT?

A LCD monitor runs at a lower meg hertz and might be as bright, you can always go with a high MAC LCD monitor that a lot of professional graphic designers use.

Is Mac OS a Computer Aided Design?

No. Mac OS is an operating system.

What is the difference between Mac computers and Windows?

The file structure is the biggest difference. The Mac is designed more for graphic intense/design programs.

Why PC is better than a Mac computer?

PC in not better than Mac

The state of art in computer architectural design?

every mac.

What Computer Is Better For Gaming?


Which are the best laptops for college students?

I would ask him what classes he's taking. If he's in Graphic design, then get him a Mac. If he's in a business major then a Windows based computer, Dell, HP or many others.

Is a Mac better than a Vista Computer?

That is an opinion question, but Mac seems lots better to me.

What is the ratio of PC sold to Mac sold?

MOst are PC's Mac's are usually for graphic design oriented users. I would say 20/1 or more even.