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Ulcers appear on the oral cavity's mucous membrane through oral trauma. While red ulcers are a sign of pain, black ulcers can denote a serious problem so a doctorÃ?s opinion is recommended.

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Q: What is a black mouth ulcer?
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What is an aphthous ulcer?

An aphthous ulcer is an ulcer in the mouth, caused by a break in the mucous membrane.

How many minutes should you keep salt on a mouth ulcer?

You should keep salt on a mouth ulcer for about 5 minutes.

Do mouth ulcers bleed?

yes, if your ulcer is in tour mouth or throat, if the ulcer is in your stomach and its bleeding, some goes down tour intestines and comes out as black stools, the portion that doesn't go down and accumulates in the stomach is vomited out bright red.

How do you get a mouth ulcer?

normally you get a mouth ulcer from running low or stress or not having enough vitamin b12

Acute mucus ulcer of the mouth?

siraulo kayo

Can kerosene cure mouth ulcer?

No. It is toxic to humans.

Can eat snow directly cause mouth ulcer?


What is an ulsor?

An ulcer is a discontinuation of a membrane,. The most common are mouth ulcers. There are also internal ulcers such as a peptic ulcer or IBD.

Is white wine okay with ulcers?

If a stomach ulcer, no! Alcohol of any kind is bad. If a mouth ulcer then wine is fine.

How Ulcers affects the body?

from the definition ulcer is the break out of the membrane which cause malfunction of that part so the effect depend on the type of ulcer that you talking about for example ulcer of mouth stomach etc

What is the most common ulcer in Crohn's disease?

An ulcer is a sore on the lining of the digestive tract. Since Crohn's can effect any part of the gastrointestinal tract an ulcer can form anywhere from mouth to anus.

Can you get HIV if you have a mouth ulcer and kiss someone infected who doesn't have ulcers?

the answer is may get HIV by kissing someone infected, but you would have to pass spit.aka tongue kissing.