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What is a blood bank for?


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A blood bank is for people to donate blood and to receive blood that people donated to get blood transfusions.

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a bank that collects blood. This answer is so right that if there was a quiz on what a blood bank is, i would get a A+.

A bank (Blood bank and regular bank)

The term 'blood bank' uses the word blood as an adjective to describe the noun bank, which produces the open compound noun 'blood bank'.

You pay for each pint. Ask the blood bank for specific rates.

the blood bank is important because it is used for stuff lie for blood test and for the blood that is donated

There are many uses of a cord blood bank. The main use of a cord blood bank is to store umbilical cord blood for future uses. The blood can be used for future transplants.

There were no transfusions and no blood bank in colonial America.

For expiring donated blood, they are disposed in accordance to the laws of the blood bank about proper disposal of blood.

The cord blood is either donated in the public cord blood bank or stored in a family cord blood bank. Storing cord blood in a family blood bank requires you to pay annual storage fee.

The Alberta Cord Blood Bank is Canada's first public cord blood bank and it was founded in 1996. Here, you can only donate cord blood.

Singapore Cord Blood Bank was created in 2004.

None would be dead if the blood bank was not invented.

Charles Richard Drew invented the first blood bank.

it goes to a blood bank

purpose of blood banking

A blood bank. A turf bank. A river bank. A land bank. Plus others.

how to draw a data floe diagram for blood bank system?

he invented the blood bank in 1937 American Red Cross blood bank

Yes the "blood bank" was invented by Charles Richard Drew in 1940.

sergei invented the blood bank so can stay healthy and not have any bad fluids in them.

Blood Bank - 2012 was released on: USA: April 2012

Blood banks, whether it's plasma bank or cord blood bank, properly store blood. They also examine it before selling it at affordable rates to hospitals and to some people who need transfusions.

Blood banks are maintained and managed only by medical professionals. When someone's blood is taken for donatory purposes, it goes to a blood bank to be screened for infection, type and to be cleaned. When blood is required by an institute, an order is placed and blood bank prepares the request. The blood bank is not the unit of choice for routine blood test results.

Charles Drew is considered the doctor who discovered the Blood Bank Concept.

A blood bank worker includes technicians who screen and collect blood. Requirements may vary by location but to become a worker in a blood bank you need a bachelor's degree and other positions such as a receptionist have different skill sets. You would fill out an application to apply for a job at your local blood bank and follow the hiring process to be considered.

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