What is a born again Jew?


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There is no such concept as "born again Jew" in Judaism. That is specifically a Christian concept.

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Ed Jew was born in 1960.

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You can be a Jew if you don't believe in G-D. IF you were born a Jew, or converted and became a Jew, you will still be a Jew, no matter what.

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Jesus was neither. He was born a Jew and died a Jew.

-- A person is not a Jew unless born of a Jewish mother. -- There is no "also".

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No if they are born a jew they die a jew. if they are born a muslim they die a muslim. if they are born a christian they die a christian

No, circumcision does not make a person a Jew. According to Jewish law, you are born a Jew if your mother is a Jew. The circumcision ceremony is a recognition of our covenant with HaShem.

He was born to Jewish parents. Is there any other way to be a Jew?

An ethnic Jew is one who is born Jewish. A religious Jew is one who was born Jewish (or converted into Judaism) and lives according to the Torah.

ANSWER:The apostle Peter was a Jew probably born in Bethsaida in Galilee.

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Jesus was born a Jew. Yes, Jesus was born a "Jew" as in a resident of Judea, but there is some conflict as to Jesus being a "Jew" as defined today. There is some discussion dealing with the Jewish religion of today actually being in Asia at that time. It's not quite as definite an answer as "Jesus was born a Jew."

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Jesus was born and raised as a Jew but followers of his teachings (which differ from Judaism) called themselves Christians (Followers of Christ).

St. Joseph was born as a Jew.

The first Jew was Judah, one of Jacob/Israel's sons. He was born around 4000 years ago and probably in the land of Canaan.

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