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Perhaps you mean a "brokered" policy? This means that your agent has quoted your policy through a middle-man or "broker" that goes directly to the company. There are usually additional charges or fees involved with brokered policies. Finding an agent that can secure a quote directly from a standard company is one way to avoid this charge. Depending on the type of business, a brokered policy may be your only option.

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Q: What is a brokerage policy?
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What is a service brokerage company?

Brokerage company is called Broker. The brokerage allow trade for traders.

Which insurance policy covers various claims for mistakes neglect or carelessness in the normal business activities of a real estate brokerage?


How do you find insurance policy?

Depending on which type of insurance you are looking for, I would just do an online search for the type of insurance you need (car insurance, life insurance...) and check that the insurance company or brokerage agency has a good rating. Two ratings we use are BBB and AM Best for insurance companies and BBB for brokerage agencies. Brokerage companies usually offer several insurance companies.

What is a real estate brokerage firm?

Real estate brokerage is firm which provide you agent that tell you about the current details of the market and tell you about the brokerage of the time.

Where do I get Trucking Brokerage software for cheap?

you can get Trucking brokerage software for cheap @

What is a group of stock brokers called?

A Stock Brokerage or Stock Brokerage Firm.

Where can one download brokerage software?

Brokerage software can be purchased through several online companies, including Advent Geneva and McLeod Software. Turnkey Brokerage Solutions and E-Infinity Software also provide brokerage software.

Can you open a brokerage account with cash?

no you cannot pay in cash to open an brokerage account.

Who to open a stock brokerage firm in the US?

requirements to open stock brokerage firm

What services does Forex Brokerage offer?

Forex Brokerage is a financial company that buys and sells financial securities, such as bonds and stocks. Clients of brokerage firms are usually investors.

When you buy stocks through a brokerage house do you always own the stock or does the brokerage house own the stock?

You own the stock in your account - it is held on your behalf by your brokerage firm

What do I want with my brokerage account?

If you have a brokerage account but you don't know much about investing then a stock broker may be what you need. There are many brokerage firms that can help you with where to invest your money.

What is the definition of a brokerage firm?

A firm that conducts transactions on the behalf of the client. Brokerage firms derive their profit from commissions. Most brokerage firms must be registered with the SEC.

Where can someone get good advice on investment brokerage?

To get good advice on investment brokerage, one can contact a broker personally to ask of an unbiased opinion of other brokerage firms. Brokers will usually give a detailed answer of an investment brokerage that should help the customer with his or her needs.

Where can freight brokerage software be found?

Freight brokerage software can be found at computer programming firms. There are also companies that create brokerage software such as Loadpilot and Freight Brokers Only.

What characteristic is a characteristic of the assets exchanged in both business brokerage and real estate brokerage?


What is brokerage journal entry?

Debit brokerage paidCredit cash / bank

Is it possible to open a brokerage account online?

It is possible to open a brokerage account online through one of the online banking institutions. The Bank of America offers an online brokerage account.

What has the author Mervyn J King written?

Mervyn J. King has written: 'Bank and Brokerage Back Office Procedures and Settlement' 'The institutions of monetary policy' -- subject(s): Foreign exchange rates, Monetary policy

Is merrill lynch a brokerage company?

Yes, Merrill Lynch is the largest brokerage (wirehouse) firm in the world.

Where in Mi can you sell Lucent stocks?

At any bank that has a brokerage department (most of them) or stock brokerage company.

How does stock brokerage company organized their marketing department?

How does stock brokerage company organized their marketing department?

How they organized marketing department in stock brokerage company?

How marketin department organized in stock brokerage company?

How do you use brokerage in a sentence?

A brokerage is generally associated with financial products including insurance, stocks and shares.

Is the brokerage will be included in net price?

It is only in the gross price that brokerage/commission amount will be shown in the invoice.