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Q: What is a buckling knuckle fracture and does it always require surgery to correct?
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Related questions

How do you deal with a simple fracture?

It depends on the bone that was fractured. Treatment for simple closed non-displaced long bone fractures would be immobilisation. Simple fracture of the frontal bone of the skull touching the frontal sinuses would include preventive antibiotics. Simple fracture of a rib would be treated with pain medication. Simple fracture of a vertebra would require a corset. So there is no on single correct answer.

What is the difference between a simple fracture and a compound fracture?

A simple fracture, more accurately called a closed fracture, is a fracture that does not involve a break of the skin. A compound fracture, called an open fracture, is a fracture in which bone fragments cause a break in the skin. These fractures require antibiotics and, in most cases, surgical washout and repair to prevent infection.

How long does it take for a cervical fracture to heal?

It depends upon the severity of the fracture. A hairline fracture can heal in a matter of days to weeks. Compound fractures could require many months.

Does a wrist fracture require medical attention?

In my opinion a wrist fracture would definetely require medical attention. There are so many bones in your wrist that it will need a doctor to look at to make sure that you don't need surgery.

What do the medics mean when they say that someone is suffering from a comminuted fracture of a bone?

A commimuted fracture of a bone refers to a bone that has been broken into several pieces. This type of fracture will often require surgery to repair the damage.

What does a doctor do when a broken finger?

They examine your hand and finger. Then they take x-rays to confirm if there is a fracture. Depending on what type of fracture they put a splint on the finger. some fractures require surgery

How you treat fracture?

The treatment of fracture will depend upon the site and type of fracture. Simple cracks and undisplaced fractures can be treated by immobilisation with a plaster cast. Complicated and open or compound fractures may require surgery and fixation with nail, plates and screws with antibiotic cover.

If you have the tipia fracture how can you treat and which joint fixed according to this fracture?

the tibia is commonly referred to as the shin bone- if fractured at the distal end, it would involve the ankle- immobilization w/ a splint (casting) is the usual treatment. A tibial fracture at the proximal end -near the knee is more complex and may require surgery. All fractures of bones require immobilization of the affected portion to heal initially.

Does a fracture of the medial malleolus always require surgery?

No, I recently fractured this bone, and I did not have to have surgery as there was no displacement of the bone. I'm no doctor, but I've broken many bones, and am in a cast recovering from this same fracture, and did not have surgery.

What segment of the population is most at risk for complications from fracture repairs?

Surgical risks of fracture repair are greater in persons over 60 years of age because the bones often require more time to properly heal. Obesity may place extra stress on the fracture site, affecting healing

Does a hill-sachs fracture require surgery?

Sometimes. It depends on the level of shoulder instability the patient has. You should consult a doctor.

What is the medical term meaning Penile fracture?

Penile fracture is a rare condition when the shaft of the penis breaks and this can be due to violent sex or trauma and fall with an erect Penis. It will require Hospital admission and possibly Surgery to manage this condition

May require or May be required which is correct?

they are both correct it just depends on what tense the sentence is in. if the sentence is in pat tense it is may be required, but if it is in present tense it is may require. they are both correct it just depends on what tense the sentence is in. if the sentence is in pat tense it is may be required, but if it is in present tense it is may require.

What is an 8 ball fracture?

The 8-Ball Fracture is another name for Hyphema, which results from blunt injury that causes one or both eyes to bleed into the anterior chamber. This can partially or fully blind that eye, but often doesn't require any medical treatment.

What does compound fractures meant?

A compound fracture is when there are bone fragments which lacerate soft tissue and protrude through the skin in an open wound. These type of fractures usually require immediate surgery because the open fracture can get infected and cause an infection to get into the bone.

Which type of fracture do not require surgery?

No surgery is needed in just about any fracture where the bone(s) can be properly repositioned for healing with simple, external manipulation ... examples might be a hair line fracture or most minor green stick fractures. Unless you have a really bad compound fracture that causes some kind of deformity or loss of circulation in your extremities (toes, fingers, etc.), you probably will not require surgery. The doctor will just set the bone and put a cast on it. Hip fractures, however, often do receive surgeries. Source: I'm a health care provider.

How do you know if you have a stress fracture?

To get a definative answer an MRI is required, The sign and symptoms are pain swelling unable to use the affected area. Sometimes the doctor can't see the stress fracture with only a x-ray so they will require you to get a MRI so they can get a little closer.

When does a dislocation require surgery?

Recurring dislocation may require surgical reconstruction or replacement of the joint. It is not recommended to attempt to reset a dislocated joint outside of a medical environment with experienced medical personnel, because a fracture may be present.

What is the treatment for spiral fracture?

If the bones have not separated, setting, splinting, or possibly casting. If the bones have separated, it may require surgery to repair.

Is it grammatically correct to capitalize the word 'Stratosphere'?

No it doesn't require to be capitalized.

You cant tell if you have a hairline fracture on your tibia or just a bad bruise how can you tell?

You can tell with X-rays, but it's really not worth it. The treatment is much the same- cooling, rest and elevation. A hairline fracture doesn't normally require a cast, so just be prudent in your activities for six to eight weeks.

What is an open fracture reduction?

Open reduction primarily refers to surgery that is performed to realign bones or fragments. Fractures with little or no displacement may not require any form of reduction

What is fracture mechanics?

Fracture mechanics is the study of how cracks form and propogate through variuos materials. Often times during design an engineer will assume a crack in the material to or use x-ray to determine the size of cracks in the material. Fracture mechanics approaches require that an initial crack size be known or assumed. For components with imperfections or defects (such as welding porosities, inclusions and casting defects, etc.) an initial crack size may be known.

What can you do for a broken phalanx?

Whether a finger or a toe, fracture of a phalanx is treated through splinting. Only severe, compound fractures, or those involving nerves require surgery, generally speaking.

What is the correct sequence for the three stages of cellular respiration?

aerobic processes that require oxygen