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A bug bomb is usually a can of pesticides in a type of aerosol can. How it works is you set it in the center of the room, turn it on, leave the room for a few hours and the pesticide fills the air. The can will have exact directions and how long to stay out of the room. They are inconvenient because you have to remove clothing or any other items that will be frequently handled, and it's recommended you cover all furniture. It also doesn't always reach insects that might be deep within walls. But it's easier and faster than other methods, and cheaper than an exterminator.

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Q: What is a bug bomb?
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Where can you buy a bug bomb?

Most outlets that have an aisle with bug sprays.

What happens when you inhale bug bomb?

A bug bomb is poison that's why it kills the bugs. So, if you breathe it in you are getting poisoned. Not smart.

How do you get rid of stink bugs in your attic?

You can use either a bug spray for stink bugs, or a bug bomb. Bug spray is easier to find, you can find it at a local garden store, but a bug bomb you'll probably find online.

Will a bug bomb kill lice?

Yes. It will.

Will a bug bomb kill a mouse?


How do bug bombs kill bugs?

If I use a bug bomb in the basement; will it force the bug to go upstairs to the rest of the house?

Does a bug bomb kill lice?

Well.... a bug bomb does have pesticides, i suppose if you really wanted to be idiotic enough to set off a bug bomb by your head and get sick and possibly die, yea its worth a shot. And hey, if it doesn't work at least I'll get a kick outta reading the newspapers afterwards.

Will bug bomb hurt your computer?

There will be some more ... impact is difficult to imagine ...

What to do to get rid of roaches?

Get pest control or get a bug bomb at the store and set them off.

Where did the Kettering Bug get invented?

During WW1 the Kettering Bug , an unmanned "flying bomb" , was created in the US by Charles Kettering of Dayton, Ohio .

How do you get rid of Asian beetles?

If they are in your house use a bug bomb, vacuum cleaner, or ladybug trap.

Does a bug bomb kill termites?

it depends on where there colony is if it is in side the inner walls yes if it isn't then no.

How do you kill bed bugs on body?

Bomb your apartment with a bug bet is to keep clean and uncluterd and throw away your box spring and buy a cat.

How do you get rid of bedbugs from couch?

You can fumigate it by enclosing it in a really big plastic bag and then use a bug bomb I suggest you do it out doors and follow all directions on the bug bomb. better yet hire it done by a professional. Warning: if not done right can cause fire, injury and or death

What was the name of bomb droped in World War 2?

bug bombs and duddle bugs in Britain (no lie)

What is a westinghouse bug bomb worth?

I have 2-Westinghouse DDT smoke bombs; I need more information so I can dispose of these properly

What nicknames does Joshua Cravy go by?

Joshua Cravy goes by Bug Bomb, Cube, Peach, Sass in the back, and Lonely Island.

Will a bug bomb kill the ticks hiding on fabric?

it will .... BUT i would not want to sleep on the bed after you bomb it ... not because of the dead bugs ... will that would add to it ... but the chemicals alone ... its best to just buy a new mattress or call an exterminator ...

How soon to reenter room after bug bomb?

You may never enter this room again. This room is dead to you, as you are dead to the room. Move on with your life.

What was a doodle bug in world war 2?

A doodle bug was an un maned flying bomb. They used to put enough petrol in them to reach certain destenations. when they ran out of petrol they would plumitt and explode doing a lot of damage they were called v1

How do you bug the bug in pocket god?

In the Pocket God game, bug the bug is in episode 28. To bug the bug in the game, you have to poke the spider.

Do bug bombs get rid of lice?

No, while the pesticide in the bug bomb will kill lice any that have fallen off the body or been combed out of the hair will die in a few days anyway from starvation as they can no longer feed off the host. You cannot use a bug bomb to get rid of the lice on a person as this is a violation of its safety instructions and runs a big risk of making the person very sick.What you need to get rid of lice is a topical pesticide like lice shampoo.

How do you get rid of small black jumping spiders?

For many jumping spiders I suggest using a bug-bomb. This "bomb" will release poisen into the air killing the spiders after they breath it in. Please make sure that as soon as you set the bomb off that you and anyone else, including pets, are out of the house to prevent sickness that could be life threatening. These bombs can be purchased from you local Walmart or Target.

Why is a water bug called a water bug?

a water bug is called a water bug because it can swim in water and it is a bug.

What is super bug?

what is super bug what is super bug