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What is a buret clamp?

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A buret clamp is a chemistry laboratory support device, to affix and hold steady another piece of equipment (a glass column called a buret) which will be reacted with chemicals. The clamp has holding jaws, which are curved to firmly grasp the column in two portions of its long axis. It also has an attachment, by which it grasps the support post.

The clamp is a piece of hardware which makes a retaining bridge between the ground support post, and the chemically reactive vessel.

There are several basic designs and makes of buret clamps, which serve to accomodate the choices and work detail, of the chemist.

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What is the use of a buret clamp?

to clamp the buret

How do you use buret clamp?

it is used to hold the buret in the laboratory

What is a double buret clamp used for?

A double buret clamp is used in laboratories. The function of the clamp is to hold burets, flasks, or test tubes steady in an upright position.

Definition of double buret clamp?

A double buret clamp is a laboratory instrument used to hold burettes. It can hold a single burettes or 2 at the same time.

What is a burette clamp and how is it used?

a buret clamp is used to fasten glassware into place on a ring stand

Double buret clamp?

This device is used to support two burettes.

What is the function of a buret clamp?

the burette clamp is used to hold burette interaction... answered by (CARLA MARIE C. BARCENILLA)

What is a buret clamp used for?

It's used for clamping a buret, of course. I can actually think of three distinct pieces of equipment that could reasonably be called a "buret clamp", and I'm not certain which of them you mean. One of them is a pinch clamp used to clamp the outflow tube (a rubber or plastic tube from the bottom of certain types of burets). Another one is sometimes called a tube clamp, and is a piece of hardware used to secure a glass tube of some kind (such as a buret, but also a test tube or parts of a vacuum manifold) to a metal stand or framework. Finally, there's a specialized spring-loaded piece of hardware used specifically for burets, which holds and supports them in two places on the tube (the tube clamp clamps onto the buret in a single location on the tube).

What is a buret clamps?

A clamp is a metallic accessory used to fix object to the bar stand.

Safety precautions of using a burette?

You should have an adequate buret clamp or stand to hold the buret while you work with both hands. Verify that the stopcock is closed before you fill it, especially if you are using a corrosive chemical.

When was Maurice Buret born?

Maurice Buret was born in 1909.

When did Maurice Buret die?

Maurice Buret died in 2003.

How much liquid can a buret hold?

Depends on the size of the buret you're using. But the most common buret can contain 50ml.

When rinsing a buret after cleaning it with soap and water should the rinse be dispensed through the buret tip or the top opening of the buret?


What is the measurement of a 12.0000mL of water recorded in a buret?

What is the measurement of a 12.0000mL of water recorded in a buret

What is a buret?

A buret is a glass tube with fine gradations and a stopcock at the bottom, used in laboratory procedures.

When was Susan Buret born?

Susan Buret was born in 1917, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK.

What are the uses of a buret?


Is a buret used to heat flammable liquids?

No, a buret does not support a flame or heat reaction, it's made of glass.

Types of laboratory apparatus?

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If the height of the mercury column in the leveling bulb is 30 mm greater than that in the gas buret and atmospheric pressure is 670 mm what is the pressure on the gas trapped in the buret?

If the height of the mercury column in the leveling bulb is 30mm greater than that in the gas buret and atmospheric pressure is 670mm, what is the pressure on the gas trapped in the buret?

How many milliliters of water has been dispensed if the initial buret reading was 0.31 mL?

To answer that we need to know what the end buret reading was.

What is a buret used for?

A buret is a glass tube with graduated markings. It is used to measure the volume of a liquid. It has a valve to allow draining the contents out of the bottom.

What is a burette stand and how it is used?

buret stand

Function of buret acid?

acid burette