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What is a byproduct of lightning?

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The byproducts are:

- thunder

- ash (trees hit)

- fulgurites (strands of sand glass)

- ozone

- Buckminsterfullerenes : minute quantities of the fullerenes, in the form of C60, C70, C76, C82 and C84 molecules, are produced in nature, hidden in soot and formed by lightning discharges in the atmosphere

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Do you need thunder and lightning to exist?

Thunder is a byproduct of lightning. Lightning creates nitrates which plants require to grow. Other sources of nitrates exist. So lightning assists in helping plants grow.

Does hydrogen have a byproduct?

Yes, the only byproduct of hydrogen is water.

Is carbon dioxide the byproduct of respiration?

The general equation for respiration is Sugars + O2 = CO2 + H2O + energy. So clearly, CO2 is a byproduct of respiration.

What is a byproduct?

A byproduct is a secondary or additional product - produced in addition to the principal product.

Oxygen was introduced into the atmosphere as a byproduct of?

Oxygen was introduced into the atmosphere as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

What is the byproduct of the electron transport chain?

Water is the byproduct of the Electron Transport Chain.

What substance is the byproduct of photosynthisis?

There is only one byproduct. it is O2 gas.

In what instance is a byproduct obtained?

A byproduct is basically something which is produced that the plant does not need for it self. For example, When a plant photosynthesizes, it releases most of the oxygen as a byproduct into the atmosphere.

Is leather a byproduct of meat?

Yes. It's a byproduct of meat production. Leather is made from animal skins and is the most economically important byproduct of the meat industry.

Give you a sentence for byproduct?

The byproduct of meat packing is used to make pet foods.

Is glucose an animal byproduct?

I do believe it is actually a plant byproduct. Glucose is like plant food.

What element do cyanobacteria release to the atmosphereas a byproduct of the photosynthesis?

cyanobacteria releases oxygen as a byproduct into the atmosphere.

Is the light energy produced in a toaster a wasteful byproduct?

Is the light energy from a toaster a wasteful byproduct

What is animal byproduct?

A byproduct of anything is waste material of a process of some kind. An example would be when a person inhales oxygen, they exhale carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide would be the byproduct.

What is a byproduct caused by friction?

Heat is a byproduct of friction; that's why rubbing your hands together makes them warmer!

What is released as a byproduct during photosynthesis?

The plant photosynthesises in order to produce glucose, so the byproduct is oxygen.

What is the byproduct of ATP and is it bad for muscles?

The byproduct of ATP when it makes muscles work is ADP and energy. They are not harmful in anyway.

What is uranium a by product of?

Uranium is especially a byproduct of phosphate industry; but also a byproduct of gold, vanadium, shales mining.

How can you tell oxygen is being reduced in cellular respiration?

It is a byproduct. The byproduct of photosynthesis.

What is thermal pollution a byproduct of?

Thermal pollution is a byproduct of the production of nuclear energy.Thermal pollution is a byproduct of the production of heat. A foundry, for example, produces much thermal pollution in the process of forging steel.

What is byproduct that is pumped away?

It is common for a process that produces a desired product to also produce something that is not needed - and this is called a byproduct. If a byproduct has no use it may be pumped away, which may not a very environmentally friendly thing to do.

Which is a byproduct of using hydrogen fuel?

The only byproduct of using pure hydrogen as a fuel is water, often in vapor form.

Is ammonium nitrate product or byproduct?

Its a product if you using for agriculture or for explosive purpose but, a byproduct if we want to remove it out for waste water

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