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Carpet brush is a brush with that are coarser and thicker than an upholstery brush used for cleaning carpets.

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How do you get deep hair waves?

Brush, brush, brush brush. And brush some more.

How do you brush doll hair?

You can brush doll hair with a small doll brush, if the doll comes with a small brush. Or you can brush doll hair with a big brush, too.

How straighten hair with out using straitner?

brush it brush it and brush it

How do you say brush in Japanese?

brush as in brush your teeth is migaku

What is the future tense of brush?

The future tense of "brush" is "will brush".

What is nail brush?

A nail brush is a brush designed for cleaning your fingernails.

How do you brush a cat that does not want to be brushed?

Brush it when its sleeping or brush when its eating...

What is a beaker brush or test tube brush in chemistry?

a brush that cleans the beaker and a brush that cleans a test tube.

Can you brush bunnies?

Yes you can brush bunnies. There are special brushes made to brush bunny rabbits. I recommend a wire brush. Always brush in the direction of their fur.

What is paint brush?

Paint brush is a brush that u use for painting art

Is it 'Brush and dustpan' or 'dustpan and brush'?

Dustpan and brush

What is a small brush used to brush ligquids onto dough?

It is a pastry brush

What nicknames does Rich Brush go by?

Rich Brush goes by Dickie Brush.

How do you bleach your teeth?

i use peroxide. you can either brush than swish or swish than brush or brush then pour it on your toothbrush and brush with it.

What is a brush war?

brush war - brush is a synomym for skirmish, a brief minor fight. A brush war is a short, minor war.

What is the plural form of clothes-brush?

Clothes brushes is the plural of clothes brush

What is 'brush' when translated from English to Italian?

"Brush"in English is spazzola in Italian.

When and how would you use a brush to detangle hair?

An idea would be, to use that brush and brush it....

What is a flick brush?

A flick brush is a brush which is similar to a dandy brush, except it is bigger and you give a little flick at the end of using it on a horse.

What is the difference between body brush and dandy brush?

The main difference is that a dandy brush usually has stiff bristles, while the body brush (also called the soft brush) is much softer.

What is the plural form of the word brush?

It depends on which type of brush you mean. If you men a brush as in a shrubbery, then the word brush is plural and singular. To be lost in the brush implies that you are in an area that is full of bushes or shrubberies. If you mean a brush that you use in your hair, then the plural is brushes.

How do you fix the brush in alternator?

Instead fixing the brush, it is advisable to replace the brush, unless you are referring to the brush case, or the connection of the brush, or something else related. It the brush is blocked, use an appropriate spray to release it, or both brushes. Watch closely on the brush spring also, it might not to be blocked as well.

What are things you do with a brush?

brush your hair sing into it

Is brush a verb?

Yes, brush is a verb.

What is a bristle of a brush?

the tips of the brush that you paint with