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What is a cere on the parakeet?

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on top of the nose where the nostrils are.

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How do you tell the gender of a parrakeet?

If the parakeet has a brown cere*, it is a female. If the parakeet has a blue cere*, it is a male. *cere-the part above the beakYou look at the cere, or the thing above the parrakeet's beak. If it is brown, the parrakeet is female. If it is blue, the parakeet is male. Very simple.

How can you tell what gender your parakeet is?

Usally the male will have a dark blue cere and female will have a light brown, pinkish cere.....(a cere is there nose).

Is my 1 year old parakeet with a white cere a female or male?

If its cere is white or pink, that means its a girl. Blue or purple means its a boy parakeet.

Is my yellow parakeet with a pinkish purple cere male or female?

Is the color of the cere closer to a blue or a pink? A cere can change depending on the age of the parakeet only time will tell but if it looks blue it is a boy and if its pink its a girl!!

How do you tell your parakeets gender?

their nose (cere) if female: brown or pink if male: blue (the older the parakeet, the heavier the color of his/her cere; the younger the parakeet, the lighter the color.)

How tell if your parakeet is a boy or girl?

So the male Parakeet has a blueish cere, and the female has a pinkish brown cere. Here is a bad picture of what it kinda looks like

What color is the cere on a male parakeet?

a male parakeets cere is dark (dark purple blue ect.)

How can you tell the difference between a male and female parakeet?

Above a parakeet's beak is it's cere. It is the colored area with the nostrils. When the parakeet is a boy, the cere is a blue. When it is a female, the cere is a pinkish tan. Before the parakeet is about 6 months, the color of the cere will keep changing, and the definite color won't set in until about 4 months min. But when it does, you'll know.

Is my parakeet a boy because of his pink and purple cere?

sexing a budgie is relatively easy. if the bird has a blue cere its a male if it has a pink or brown cere its a female

Does a female Parakeet have a white and pinkish purple cere?


Blue body with white head parakeet cere looks brown is that one male?

if you said brown cere that is a female

Your parakeet has a dark pink cere?

I would say that your parakeet is probably a girl. I did a lot of research on parakeets sexes and about training them. I am a parakeet expert and I know a lot about them. I am very certain that your parakeet is a female. A males cere is white with a tint of blue and pink. --Hope I helped Dr. M.C

When I got my parakeet from petsmart they said it was a boy but now the cere pinky blue is my parakeet a boy or a girl?

a boy.

If a parakeets cere is white is it a girl or a boy?

A white cere just means that the parakeet is too young to tell the sex. If the bird is not that young, it is most likely a female. A pink or red tint to the cere is a female, whereas a blue or purple cere is a male.

How do you determine the sex of a parakeet?

The spot at the top of the beak called the cere is blue on the males.

Why does a parakeet have a blue beak?

If you're talking about the patch of skin around the nostrils, (called the cere), then this simply means that your parakeet is a boy! Nothing to worry about.

How can you tell a male from female parakeet?

Males have a purple to dark blue colored cere (nose) and females have a white to light pink to brown (when ready to breed) cere.

How can you tell a boy parakeet?

The cere, a patch of skin around the nostrils, is blueish in males, pink in females.

How do you tell if a parakeet is a boy or a girl?

Males, the top of the beak where the feathers start called the cere is blue.

How can you tell if a parakeet is healthy?

A health parakeet will have shiny feathers, clear eyes, shiny beak, and a cere that is free of drainage. A fluffed parakeet that sits at the bottom of the cage is very sick and needs attention immediately.

How do you tell a boy parakeet from a girl parakeet at young age?

Their cere (nose) is pink on a female or blue on a male, however, it's impossible to tell at a young age.

How does a parakeet breathe?

Parakeets breath through their cere, The small but cute set of openings located above their beak.

When you got your parakeet you were told that it was a girl but around the edges of the cere it is a light blue.So is it a boy or a girl?

It's a young boy.

How can you tell a female and a male Parakeet apart?

once they reach maturity at about 6 months of age you can look at the cere. The cere is the fleshy tissue around the nostrils on top of the beak. Boys will be blue, females will be tan

Is a blue parakeet a girl?

It is difficult to tell the gender of a bird by their feather colour in most species. Generally, males are more colourful than females. This is so that males can attract a female to mate with. The best way to tell the gender of a parakeet over 12 months old is to look at their cere. This is the fleshy part of skin around their nostrils. The cere of a male parakeet is blue or purple-ish. The cere of a female parakeet is white, tan or brown. If your parakeet is under 12 months, the cere may not be properly developed yet, therefore the best way to get the gender is to have the bird examined by a professional, such as a vet. Male and female parakeets also have different behaviours. Males tend to be more active and social. They tend to bob their head a lot and they sing often. Females are bossy and may pick on males. They are louder than males but do not sing often.

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