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A chapter 13 lawyer is good at filing for bankruptcy for their client. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you find the best financial path after filing for bankruptcy.

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Q: What is a chapter 13 lawyer good at?
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Can you switch a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7?

As long as your Lawyer says.

Can you switch a chapter 13 bankruptcy to chapter 7?

As long as your Lawyer says.

What is the average fee on chapter 13 bankruptcy from a lawyer?

Typically, The average fee on chapter 13 bankruptcy from a lawyer is around two thousand five hundred dollars. However, the average fee can vary from lawyer to lawyer.

How to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

contact a bankruptcy lawyer

What is the process for using bankruptcy chapter 13?

First, contact a lawyer in your state to make sure you qualify. The lawyer in your state will be able to walk you through the proper steps to file chapter 13 bankruptcy.

How does a Chapter 13 come to an end after all payments have been made?

I am not a lawyer. If you have a

Can a lawyer provide you with bankruptcy information?

A lawyer is actually one of the best resources for information about bankruptcy. There are even bankruptcy lawyers who specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.

What if you can't dismiss a chapter 13 after paying into for 5 years because of a previous chapter 7 filed will creditors still try to hound you?

This question makes no sense. The 13 should be dismissible by the debtor or the court. You may not be entitled to a discharge, but what was the point of the 13? You need to talk to your lawyer, and if you filed a chapter 13 without a lawyer and get screwed, well....

What is chapter 13 in twilight?

chapter 13 in Twilight is called Confessions it is a really good chapter one of my favorites

You are currently in a chap 13 bankruptcy can I change to a chap 7 bankruptcy?

You cannot change my bankruptcy, but you can convert your Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7. It happens frequently. You may want to check with your lawyer or an experienced lawyer since it can have unintended consequences.

What is the final step to closing your chapter 13 case?

when doe the lawyer file a motion for a discharge

How do you know when your chapter 13 bankruptcy is over?

You will know your chapter 13 bankruptcy is over once it is discharged. You will receive paperwork stating this either in person from your lawyer, or through the mail.

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