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Devious, mischievous, psychotic, murderous, masterful, thoughtful. She is a "Round Character" meaning; a fully developed character and the reader may feel the person could exist in real life.

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Q: What is a character trait of the landlady in the story The Landlady by Roald Dahl?
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What is a simple sentence for the story Landlady by Roald Dahl?

it is abour the landlady

Who is Christopher Mulholland?

A character mentioned in Roald Dahl's The Landlady. He was a guest of the landlady's 3 years before the guest who just arrived. The story says, "...Christopher Mulholland . . . wasn't that the name of the Eton schoolboy who was on a walking tour through the West Country, and then all of a sudden . . ."

What is the landlady called in the story The Landlady?

Billy Weaver, The Landlady, and Christopher Mullound

What short story involves an old lady who rents out rooms and kills guests by poisoning their tea?

The Landlady by Roald Dahl

What is the short story called that is about a creepy lady who works at an inn or hotel you think and keeps dead stuffed animals?

The landlady van Roald Dahl

What is the theme of the landlady story?

The story "Landlady" expresses a Horror and mystery theme. Due to the story's sinister mood, it creates a scary and uncomfortable atmosphere for the reader. Also, another theme in the story is appearance versus reality. It is interesting the reader that the landlady at first is very hospitable towards Billy. The Landlady warmly welcomes Billy into the hotel, shows him his room and offers him tea. However, towards the end of the story, the reader is shown that the Landlady happens to be quite an unusual character. She seem to compliment Billy quite a lot and when she says in the very last sentence - ""No my dear,"she said. "Only you."", it gives the reader a clue that Billy will be the next victim to be stuffed by her.

What is the Time and Place of the story The Landlady?


What literary techniques or devices are use in the story the landlady?

'The Landlady' is a short story written by British author Roald Dahl. It's a terror story that tells the story of a young man named Billy Weaver, a man in his way to his new job he stays at a bed and breakfast managed by a seemingly nice and talkative landlady. Things get a dark turn when he recognizes the names of several reportedly missing men in her guest book and the lady tells him about her interest for taxidermy. The story closes with the implication that Billy had been poisoned and is about to be stuffed by the lady.

Why did the landlady ask him to go to the sitting room after he'd unpacked his bags in The Landlady story by Roald Dahl?

She asked him to go to the sitting-room after unpacking because she wanted him to sign the sign in book, as it was part of the law. Then she poisoned his tea, like she did to Mr Temple and Mr Mulholland, to stuff him.

How does the shift in the physical description of the landlady throughout the passage impact the story and meaning?

The shift in the physical description of the landlady throughout the passage impact the story's meaning . At first it starts at how the landlady appears to be welcoming and nice at the beginning which is how she can attract the boys into her Bed and Breakfast. As the story continues, we see a more weird and suspicious side of her.

Who were Gregory w Temple and Christopher Mulholland?

They're plot devices used in the short story "The Landlady" from the compendium "Kiss Kiss" by Roald Dalh. Their names entered in a guestbook portend a grim ending to the story.

When Does The Climax Take Place In The Story THE LANDLADY?

When Billy drinks the tea.