What is a circumvallate placenta and could it cause any problems?

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In circumvallate placenta, the placenta presents with elevated margins because the location as to where the placenta attaches at implantation is too small for the entire placenta to attach causing the placental edges to be loose. The could possibly cause the placenta to function poorly and not supply the baby with adequate o2.

The placenta ends curve and curl inwards. The problem is if the placenta continues to develop in more and more curve and then separates from the uterus. That would mean the need for an emergency delivery of the baby so it becomes very critical the earlier this happens. I don't know the odds of the placenta separating, and nothing may happen at all, it's just important to make sure the baby is getting the nourishment it needs via the placenta and act immediately should any bleeding occur.
The doctor said it's not common to see this and there is nothing I have done in the past or anything I can do to avoid problems with separation.
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What is circumvallate placenta?

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