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It is a term of imprisonment that is not less than one year but no more than 5 years.

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What exactly is attempt a class 6 felony?

Whatever the Class 6 Felony you are talking about.... it would be the attempt to carry it out, whether you were unsuccessful, or not.

What are the felony laws for class 4 and 6?

A class four felony, is punishable by up to two years in prison. A class six felony is punishable by up to six months in prison.

What is a class d felony in Arkansas?

Numerous crimes are classified as a class D felony, the sentence is as follows:(5) For a Class D felony, the sentence shall not exceed six (6) years; and

What is the sentence for a class 6 felony in MN?


What is the difference between a class a felony and a class b felony?

A class A felony is more serious than a class B felony.

What is a class 9 felony in Va?

Thaat would be a mistake, since Virginia does not HAVE a class 9 felony- only 1 through 6.

Maximum jail time in Virginia for a class 5 felony?

What is the maximum jail time and the least jail time someone can get in Virginia for a class 5 and class 6 felony

What is statute of limitations of grand theft in Tennessee?

It depends on the class of the felony; Class A felony: 15 yrs.; Class B felony: 8 yrs.; defrauding state, evading or defeating any tax, fraudulent return: 6 yrs.; Class C or D felony: 4 yrs.; Class E felony: 2 yrs.; others: 3 yrs.

What is the penalty for a class x felony in Illinois?

class x felony can be 6-30 and up to life in prison for multiple offenses of the same crime.

What is class six felony in Arizona?

In Arizona and other states that categorize crimes by number, a Class 6 felony is the lowest ranking felony offense. The lower the number the less severe the charge.

What is a class 4 felony?

What is a class 4 felony

Class h felony?

What sentence for class h felony

What is a class g felony?

Class g felony in arkansas

What is the punishment for a class d felony in Indiana?

In Indiana, a Class D felony is typically a crime that can be seen as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances. Punishment for a Class D felony can range between 6 months and 3 years in prison, and can cost the offender up to $10,000 in fines.

How much time can someone get for a 220.16 3rd b felony for criminal possession?

A person can get between 6 and 15 years of jail time for a class b drug felony. There is no probation awarded for this class of felony.

What is the penalty for a felony?

It depends on what class the felony is. For Class 1 felonies the penalty is death or life in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. For Class 6 felonies the penalty is one to five years in jail.

Is class 3 felony worse than class 1 felony?


What is a class you felony in va?

No such class. Virginia numbers felony classes.

What is the minimum sentence for a class 5 felony in Ohio?

6 to 12 months

Which is worse a felony 1 or a felony 4?

A 1st class felony is the more serious; in some states it is known as a "Class A" felony.

What is statute of limitation for felony theft in Hawaii?

In Hawaii it will be set at 3 years. If it is classified as a Class A felony it would be 6 years.

How much jail time can you get with a class d felony first offense in the state of Kentucky?

4 years usually, can be up to 6 depending on the level class d felony was committed.

What is a Virginia State Class O Felony?

va class o felony

What is a class A felony in Oregon?

This is the worst felony.

What is the punishment for a class 6 felony?

That depends on the jurisdiction. You need to say where you're talking about.