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What is a club penguin game or gift card?

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It lets you have a membership for six months or one year and it allows you to pay for membership for the chosen time offline.

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You know i am on club penguin! And i dont have a gift card number. Soo...

A Club Penguin gift card is a gift card that you can buy at Target. It provides the receiver with a 1, 6, or 12-month membership, depending on what card it is.

A Club Penguin gift code is a code that grants you access to the Club Penguin website. The codes will establish a membership for Club Penguin activities.

The number on a Club Penguin gift card is only for the use of the person who bought or received the card. If you would like to purchase a Club Penguin gift card try Walmart, Toysrus, or Target.

no but you can go to the store and buy a club penguin membership card and use that for a membership P.S. the cards are with the gift cards in the store

its free to be a member.25$ to start a club penguin account. You can use a create card to pay, cash or club penguin gift card. to find a gift card go to your local super market or go on online atwww.clubpenuin/

Unfortunately you cannot. Club Penguin doesn't allow Ultimate Game Cards to be used. Don't worry, I tried myself. Because I had already bought the card, I just used it on another game called Fantage.. but stick with Club Penguin. They are way better... I think. For Club Penguin, you are only allowed to use their game cards (I bought mine from Walmart) or a Gift Certificate.

Club Penguin certificate card numbers are only for those who have bought cards. If you would like to know a certificate card number I suggest you buy a certificate card.

No you don't have unused penguin gift card codes that people would give away for free!

you will have to find out for yourself mate

you bought it so yea you pay for clubpenguin

yea or have a gift card because im a member

you have to go to the gift card part in sainsbury's there you'll find it there.happy to help!. :)

in the club penguin game day gift shop! [its in the town]

It used to be in the catalog in 2007 or 2006 in the gift shop.

At the Gift Shop at club penguin.

You buy one as a gift card at your local department store, or use your credit card online.

sorry the code can only been used ones on the gift cards

Yes, you could give someone a membership in Club Penguin. An adult would need to set up the account and arrange for payment for the membership fees or you could buy a Club Penguin Membership Card at a store and give the card as a gift.

no hidden items in the gift shop in club penguin

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