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A cockle is a family of small freshwater clam. It can also refer to a group of plants in the pinks family.

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Is cockle a vertebrate or invertebrate?

A cockle is an invertabrate

When did James Cockle die?

James Cockle died in 1895.

When was James Cockle born?

James Cockle was born in 1819.

Is a cockle an invertebrate?

A cockle is an edible sand-burrowing bivalve mollusc of Europe.

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What is the scientific name for cockle?

There are 200 species of cockles. The common cockle is Cerastoderma edule.

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What do basket cockle eat?

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What does a cockle eat?


Is a cockle a mollusk?


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Where does the Cockle Shell come from?

the sea

What is a cockle shells habitat?

The sea.

Does a cockle burr stings?


How large can a cockle get?

um like 5.2

What is the brown stuff in a cockle?

it's Chocolate

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