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Q: What is a common Self defense Mechanism for a German Shepherd?
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Is a German Shepherd a common or proper noun?

It is a proper noun.

What is the common name for a German shepherd?

A shepherd. Or a "police dog" because it is a popular K-9 breed.

What is the German shepherd more commonly known as?

The German Shepherd is a relatively recently recognized breed of dog, only dating back to about 1899. German Shepherd is the common name for them, but alternative names are Alsatian or Asatian Wolf Dog.

What is a saddle back gsd?

A saddle back German shepherd dog is the most common German Shepherd marking. The dog looks like it has a black saddle on its back.

What are some German shepherd mix breeds?

* German shepherd (Alsatian) * Dachshund ('wiener dog') * German short-haired pointer * Schnauzer * Weimaraner * Pomeranian * Poodle * Boxer * Rottweiler * Great Dane * Doberman

What does the penguin defends from predators?

the most common defense mechanism that a penguin will use is P.E.T.A.

Where are the German Shepherd dogs found?

All over the world. They are an extremely common breed.

Will my iguana try to eat my German shepherd?

I've had an iguana, he didn't like men, is this a common thing?

Is a akita taller and bigger than a German sheperd?

Of course not. Akita starts with an "A". German shepherd starts with a "G". Common sense says shepherd is therefore larger. But some may be shorter. It all depends. What do you think?

What do animals have in common?

All animals have some type of defense mechanism; support their life by consuming nutrients; produce offspring.

Do animals really help people feel better when they're upset?

Yes its a common Defense mechanism called Displacement.

What do K-9 cops do?

k9 cops catch bad guys and have a dog that helps them.[ most common is german shepherd.]