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Mechanical energy is used in generators to create electrical energy. It is used in manual labor, and anything that requires movement such as levers and rope-and-pulley systems.

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Q: What is a common use of mechanical energy?
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Common use of mechanical energy?

the common use of energy is hype,sunlight,potencial,and solar energy...

What countries use mechanical energy?

All people use mechanical energy.

How do you use mechanical energy in our community?

Most of the devices that we use in society is a kind of mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is the energy of the other. Elevators. Convert electrical energy into mechanical. The car. Converted to mechanical energy is fossil. A bicycle. Muscular body converts energy to mechanical energy.

Use of Mechanical energy?

the use of mechanical energy is sometimes use by mechanics, construction workers, and so on...................

What type of energy does a tv use?

It uses electrical energy,mechanical energy.

What is a common example of mechanical energy?


How do you use mechanical energy in a sentence?

You can see an example of mechanical energy when an earthquake happens.

How do you use mechanical energy in your everyday life?

You can use Mechanical Energy in are daily lifes by things that have force and that has power to use the object.

What energy do you use when you move?

Mechanical and Kinetic energy

What type of energy you use your body?

mechanical energy

What type of energy you use for your body?

mechanical energy

What kind of energy does a clock use?

mechanical energy

Do Gensets use mechanical power while running?

No. they use chemical energy, that gets turned into mechanical energy, that gets turned into electric energy.

What are some common uses for mechanical energy?


What is a common energy transformation?

There are 6 kinds of transformatons: 1.Mechanical Energy 2.Thermal Energy 3.Chemical Energy 4.Electrical Energy 5.Electromagnetic Energy 6.Nuclear Energy The most common is probably Mechanical or Electrical.

What type of energy does a speaker use?

Mechanical energy to electrical energy

How is thermal energy converted to mechanical energy?

The most common method is to heat water until it boils, and use the expansion of the steam to turn turbines.

What type of energy is electric mixer in use?

Electric mixers use electrical energy to create mechanical energy. So, assuming I understand your question, an electric mixer is generating mechanical energy when in use.

Which type of energy does a gas generator use?

mechanical energy

What is the difference between kinetic mechanical energy and potential mechanical energy?

Answerpotential energy is energy in its position waited to be used kinetic energy is energy in i diasagreee

What uses electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy?

the MRT trains make use of electrical energy to change into mechanical energy

Put potential energy kinetic energy chemical energy mechanical energy in order?

first it goes kinetic energy, potential energy, mechanical energy, to chemical energy. kinetic energy- moves energy to provide it potential energy- stores energy to provide energy mechanical energy- uses energy and provides it chemical energy- energy that uses energy to provide energy but...makes the energy that we can use but is bad to use.(not good to use.)

How do muscles produce mechanical energy?

muscles use chemical energy in glucose , as the bonds in glucose break, chemical energy changes to mechanical energy and the muscle contracts.. well there you go that how you produce mechanical energy :)

What type of energy does a Speaker vibrating use?

Mechanical energy to electrical energy

Use mechanical energy in a sentence?

a mechanical man guy buddy fiance