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One conflict was he stole 2 children of chief Donnacona, and took them back to France. Conflict was then created.

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Did Jacques Cartier affect the Native Americans?

Jacques Cartier took many Native Americans captive and brought them back to his land with him.

What impact did Jacques cartier have on the native Americans of that land?

Jacques Cartier took many Native Americans captive and brought them back to his land with him.

Was Jacques Cartier named after the Jacques Cartier bridge?

No, the Jacques Cartier Bridge is named after Cartier

Where is Jacques Cartier from?

Jacques Cartier was from France.

What was Jacques cartier dream?

What was the dream of Jacques Cartier

What was Jacques cartier honored for?

Jacques Cartier was from france

What is the name of Jacques Cartier?

Jacques Cartier is his name

Why was the Jacques cartier bridge named after Jacques cartier?

Because Jacques Cartier crossed the Sait Lawerence River.

Who discovered Vermont?

Jacques Cartier. Native Americans discovered it much earlier.

What were Jacques cartier obsticals?

really bad storms and native americans but they where nice

Is Jacques cartier a hero or a villain?

He is a villan. He captured animals and native americans

Whom did Jacques Cartier encounter on?

Probably various tribes of Native Americans.

Who sponsored Jacques cartier?

France sponsored Jacques Cartier.

Jacques cartier what did he discover?

Jacques Cartier discovered Canada

What did Jacques Cartier discover?

Jacques Cartier discovered canada.

What was Jacques Cartier real name?

Jacques cartier, i think.

Who did Jacques cartier encounter?

jacques cartier encountered a crew

Was Jacques Cartier rich?

Jacques Cartier was not rich but his wife was

Is Jacques Cartier a woman or a man?

Jacques Cartier is a male.

How Many voyages did Jacques Cartier have?

Jacques Cartier had 3 voyages.

Where did Jacques Cartier die?

Jacques Cartier died in St.Malo,France.

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