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A console is a system is where you can play Video Games. On some of them you can watch blu ray movies dvds cds and more. Here is a list of some modern consoles:


Xbox 360




Here are some popular console manufacterters:




Here are some old consoles:








Nintendo 64



gameboy advance sp

There are many more consoles in the world and more are being released every year. The best console currently is the PS3, it has 1080p HD graphics.

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Q: What is a console?
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What does une console mean in french?

une console is a (game) console in French.

What is the file extention assigned to a console file?

A console is saved in a file with an .msc file extention, and a snap-in in a console can itself be a console.

Console in a sentence?

we have a console that is service.

Does a 4gb xbox 360 slim console have its memory on console or hardrive?

In the hardrive in the console.

What is console port?

the charger outlet in the console

What are the best outdoor console tables to consider?

The best console tables to consider are Lacquer Sofa Table by Calvin Klein, Endless Console by Dune, Glass Console from ABC Carpet & Home, and Malm Console by Ikea.

Is the PSP a console?

Yes, it is. The definition of a console vs a personal computer is that a console is produced and marketed specifically to play games on. A PSP is therefore a hand-held console.

What is console system unit?

what is a console/system unit

What is a noun for console?

the abstract noun for console is consoleation

Is there Skyrim console on PS3?

No. The console is only on PC.

What console was pacman first played on?

an arcade console

How does cortana die in halo 4?

she was in a console and close to the end you put her in to a console and while she is in the console it gets disintegrated .

How do you play xbox games on a playstation 2 console?

You don't. Games are designed for a console and do not play on a different console

Is Castlevania a side-scroller?

The new ones that are out for Xbox and Ps3 and Wii are not but the ones on the NES console, SNES Console, DS Console and GBA Console are all side-scrollers.

What is the macro to fix in game graphics for WoW?

If you simply wish to reload your User Interface to get rid of bugs, a simple /reloadui will work to that effect. The following macro will put all your graphic settings to high: /console overridefarclip 1 /console farclip 1600 /console horizonfarclip 6226 /console groundeffectdensity 256 /console groundeffectdist 140 /console smallcull 0 /console skycloudlod 3 /console characterAmbient /console extshadowquality 4 /console environmentDetail 2 And the following macro will put them all to low: /console overridefarclip 0 /console farclip 1277 /console horizonfarclip 2112 /console groundeffectdensity 96 /console groundeffectdist 140 /console smallcull 0 /console skycloudlod 1 /console characterAmbient /console extshadowquality 2 /console environmentDetail 1 You can still hit Escape, and go to the Video options to alter these settings manually.

Will a homemade DVD of xbox 360 games play on the console?

If your asking about an unmodified console - No, Modified console - Yes. And no i will not tell you what where how and do.

What was Sega's second to the last video game console?

The Saturn console. (btw the final console was Dreamcast)

What is a modded console?

A "modded console" is a gaming console that has been modified to fit user's needs. A user may soder micro chips to the hardware, or "soft mod" without adding additional equipment to the console. The modded stands for modified. Users do this so they can cheat, download games to the console, play burned video games, or simply just to broaden the way to use their gaming console. Also if you mod your console the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team will issue a console ban (which will not let you play on that console anymore).

Can you play a Xbox 360 console on a PC?

It depends do you mean can you play the console on a PC screen or Can you actaully play the games on a PC without the console?? It depends do you mean can you play the console on a PC screen or Can you actaully play the games on a PC without the console??

What actors and actresses appeared in Console 7 - 2008?

The cast of Console 7 - 2008 includes: Ozgur Ertur as Console Player 3 Duygu Kasap as Player 2 Cagatay Kunac as Console Player 1 Erkan Okalan as Console Player 5 Bogachan Olgun as Console Player 4 Huseyin Sahin as Console Player 2 Yigit Tuncer as Player 1

How do you activate console in counter strike 1.3?

" : console 1 : "

When was the Playstation console invented?

The first console was introduced in 1995.

Is the psp the best console?

no it isn't the best console is ps3

What is the past tense of console?

The past tense of console is consoled.

Is there a console that can play RuneScape?

No, there is not a console to my knowledge that can run runescape.