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What is a constitutional democracy?

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A constitutional democracy is a government under law in which coalition and majority rule is balanced by minority and individual rights, and in which most rights are balanced by responsibilities - including the responsibility of each citizen to study the history of constitutional government in order to illuminate it in ways that no definition ever can … and in order, thereby, to allow it to evolve further in light of ancient wisdoms and the needs of our evolving global civilization.

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Q: What is a constitutional democracy?
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What is a constitutional parliamentary democracy?

A constitutional parliamentary democracy is a type of parliamentary democracy which is governed by a constitution.

Is a constitutional democracy a limited or unlimited government?

A constitutional democracy is limited.

How do you use constitutional democracy in a sentence?

American government is based off of a constitutional democracy.

Type of democracy?

The United States is a Constitutional Democracy.

What countries have a constitutional democracy?

The United States, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries have a constitutional democracy.

Is Morocco a democracy?

No. Morocco is not a democracy it is a constitutional monarchy with Parliament

What has the author BEN NWABUEZE written?


What form of democracy you have in this country is called?

Constitutional democracy is the form of democracy in the United States.

Is Denmark a republic or democracy?

Well, a republic can be a democracy... But Denmark is a constitutional monarchy AND democracy.

Does Iraq have a direct or constitutional democracy?

The Republic of Iraq (which only really controls half of the land area of the country) is officially a constitutional democracy, but it is a relatively illiberal democracy. Iraqi Kurdistan is also a constitutional democracy and less illiberal. ISIL is an outright dictatorship and considers democracy to be Anti-Islamic.

What kind of democracy does the great Britain has?

Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy.

Constitutional democracy is government by?

the people

What type of government is Sweden?

Sweden's government is a constitutional monarchy/unitary parliamentary representative democracy.Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

Is constitutional democracy the same as democracy?

A (pure) Democracy, often called a direct democracy, is where the people decide for everything directly. This was only possible in ancient cities where the population is compact enough for people to come together and vote this way. A Constitutional democracy is the kind of democracy where the people delivered their will to their representatives so they make the important choices for them according to the Constitution. So, a Constitutional Democracy is a democracy "limited" with the Constitution.

How is the government in australia and new zealand different to the us?

The government of NZ is part of a monarchy and a constitutional democracy The government of Australia part of a monarchy a constitutional democracy and a federation of states. The Government of the USA is a constitutional democracy, A republic, and a federation of states.

What is sweden's form of government?

Constitutional monarchy.Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

What type of government does Sweden have?

Constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary democracy.Constitutional monarchy

Is Samoa a democracy?

Samoa's government is a mix of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

What government does south africa have?

Constitutional democracy

Is Sweden a democracy?

Sweden is a Constitutional Monarchy.

Is the US the oldest constitutional democracy?


What was ancient ghana's government?

it is a constitutional democracy

A Constitutional Monarchy would that be similar to Democracy?

Not exactly but the two usually go together. For example, the United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy AND a Parliamentary Democracy.

What is the difference between a constitutional democracy and a representative democracy?

one is better than the other

Is the US the first constitutional democracy?

No. Ancient Greece first discovered first democracy.