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you can use a magnifying glass to burn leaves outside on a really hot summer days (works better on dry leaves).

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What is a cool science experiment?


How do people make cool miis on a Wii?

experiment! it's cool if you make it!

Is lava in a cup a cool experiment for teenagers?


What is a solvent in a experiment?

the solvent is the material that dissolves the solute in an experiment. for example, if you are making cool-aid, the cool-aid powder would be the would be the solute, and the water would be the solvent.

What is a cool name for banana rotting experiment?

banana love

What is the purpose of colorful milk experiment?

It is fun and cool :D!!! It is also a good science experiment for class [not messy !!! :p]

How can you do a science experiment using coke?

well by coke do you mean cocaine because a cool experiment with that is mixing it with other substances. TRY IT

What Cloudy bacteria experiment on 101 cool science experiments?

It's #4

What is a cool science fair idea?

Just do an experiment about how water effects plants

Do rooftop gardens cool down the building?

Yes they do. I did a science fair experiment on this and the garden does not only cool the building but it also stabilizes the temperature.

What are some seeds for mine-craft?

Cool village: gimmeabreak Experiment with the World Generator.

How to make cool science experiments?

You can make cool science experiments by doing what you should do for the experiment, if your doing volcanoes research them and make a model something you will enjoy.

Experiment to identify sugar?

Put Iodine in it, and then it will turn a magenta pink! Its really cool, cuz a starch turns blue. But then this one is like BAM! Its super cool!

What the observation for Color Changing Milk - Cool Science Experiment?

im atulully not sure! ahahha

What is a cool science experiment that is cheap and easy?

One of the coolest I've ever seen is a substance called "oobleck".

Sites for making pictures look cool? Enter pic. Write some stuff. Get the code. And your done! this is a very cool editing site, that is very popular and fun to experiment with! (:

What are the characteristics of a controlled experiment?

An experiment with only ONE variable. It should be planned. Also, you should have an investigative question, a hypothesis, alist of materials, a procedure, a conclusion and data, and lastly resourses. It should be something you dont know and should be clear, creative, and cool! (the three c's- clear, creative and cool! Ha!) Just have fun! :) :) :)

How do you make cool pictures from typing?

simple, just have a lot of patience and find what symbols look like something. you have to experiment to make what you want.

What is a cool experiment or weekend project to do?

Try using a magnifying glass and the sun to draw monochrome images on smooth wood (not furniture or the side of the house).

How do you use baking soda and vinegar in a science experiment?

in my class, we placed baking soda in a plastic cup and added vinegar to it (about 5ml) and it started bubbling (it was cool!)

What happens when a gas is cooled in a closed container?

The pressure is reduced inside the container (see collapsing can experiment) - if cool enough the gas will condensate or even freeze.

Can the students who conducted the shadow length experiment concluded that their results supported their hypothesis Can their supported hypothesis be called a scientific theory?

Yes because they were very cool

When do you end your experiment?

Life is an experiment. When you die, that experiment is over.

What was Ben Franklin's experiment?

The kite experiment was a scientific experiment

What makes carbonated water glow under a black light when you add ink from highlighters?

This is a cool experiment for my fourth grader but she also needs to understand why the liquid glows.

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