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This sounds like an old trade token -- face value 5 cents -- collector value $5 to $10

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Q: What is a copper coin stamped with a W and P with 5 C under it?
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1991 5 cent coin stamped on a copper?

i have a 1991 5 cent coin printed on a copper(penny

What is the metal content of a 5 cent coin?

A US 5-cent coin is 75% copper and 25% nickel.

What percentage of copper is in a coin minted in 1962?

The percentage of any metal in a coin would depend entirely on the coin and the country it came from. An Australian 1962 "copper" coin (bronze) contains 97% copper. An Australian 1962 "silver" coin (cupro-nickel) contains 40% copper. A British 1962 "copper" coin (bronze) contains 97% copper. A British 1962 "silver" coin (cupro-nickel) contains 75% copper. An American 1962 "copper" (bronze) 1¢ coin contains 95% copper An American 1962 "nickel" 5¢ coin is actually 75% copper An American 1962 silver coin is 10% copper, with the rest silver.

What is a 1960 hong kong coin made out of?

5 cent coin: Brass-clad nickel 10 cent coin: Brass-clad nickel 50 cent coin: nickel-clad copper dollar coin: nickel-clad copper.

What is the name of the American 5 cent coin?

The slang name for U.S. 5¢ coins is "a nickel", even though the coin is mostly copper.

An ancient copper coin was found to absorb 545.8 J of heat when the temperature increases 31.4 C The specific heat of copper is 0.387 J g C What is the mass of the copper coin?


What is a 1971 5 francs coin made of?

copper-nickel and its worth 2.00$

What metal is a 5p eire coin made of?

The Irish (Eire) 5 Pence coin was made from a copper nickel alloy.

Is a 1869 5 cents coin copper or silver?

In 1869, the 5 cent coin you are looking at is likely a shield nickel. In which case the coin is a copper-nickel composition (75% copper and 25% nickel). In the same year there was also a half dime, and that was made out of 90% silver and 10% copper. The Shield nickel is the same size and shape as today's nickels, just a different design

What is the most vaulabe coin?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar

Most valuable coin?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar

What is the nickel 5 cents coin made of?

Nickels are .750 copper & .250 nickel

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