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What is a copper coin stamped with a W and P with 5 C under it?

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This sounds like an old trade token -- face value 5 cents -- collector value $5 to $10

2006-09-08 14:02:49
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Q: What is a copper coin stamped with a W and P with 5 C under it?
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1991 5 cent coin stamped on a copper?

i have a 1991 5 cent coin printed on a copper(penny

What percentage of copper is in a coin minted in 1962?

The percentage of any metal in a coin would depend entirely on the coin and the country it came from. An Australian 1962 "copper" coin (bronze) contains 97% copper. An Australian 1962 "silver" coin (cupro-nickel) contains 40% copper. A British 1962 "copper" coin (bronze) contains 97% copper. A British 1962 "silver" coin (cupro-nickel) contains 75% copper. An American 1962 "copper" (bronze) 1¢ coin contains 95% copper An American 1962 "nickel" 5¢ coin is actually 75% copper An American 1962 silver coin is 10% copper, with the rest silver.

What is the metal content of a 5 cent coin?

A US 5-cent coin is 75% copper and 25% nickel.

What is a 1960 hong kong coin made out of?

5 cent coin: Brass-clad nickel 10 cent coin: Brass-clad nickel 50 cent coin: nickel-clad copper dollar coin: nickel-clad copper.

An ancient copper coin was found to absorb 545.8 J of heat when the temperature increases 31.4 C The specific heat of copper is 0.387 J g C What is the mass of the copper coin?


What is the name of the American 5 cent coin?

The slang name for U.S. 5¢ coins is "a nickel", even though the coin is mostly copper.

What is a 1971 5 francs coin made of?

copper-nickel and its worth 2.00$

What metal is a 5p eire coin made of?

The Irish (Eire) 5 Pence coin was made from a copper nickel alloy.

Is a 1869 5 cents coin copper or silver?

In 1869, the 5 cent coin you are looking at is likely a shield nickel. In which case the coin is a copper-nickel composition (75% copper and 25% nickel). In the same year there was also a half dime, and that was made out of 90% silver and 10% copper. The Shield nickel is the same size and shape as today's nickels, just a different design

How much does a nickel with the letters FS stamped under the head is worth?

The FS are the initials of Felix Schlag, who designed the coin. Those letters are on every Jefferson nickel from 1966 to 2004. Every single coin in that time frame is worth 5 cents.

Most valuable coin?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar

What is the nickel 5 cents coin made of?

Nickels are .750 copper & .250 nickel

What is the most vaulabe coin?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar

What is the value of a 1988 500 peso coin?

this copper/nickel coin is considered common -- worth about 5 cents in circulated condition

How do you make a wet cell battery with coins?

You will need 5 copper coins witch are pennies and 5 non-copper coins witch are dimes, pieces of paper towel and lemon juice. First you take a piece of paper towel and dip it in lemon juice. place it on top of a copper coin. then you take a non-copper coin and place it on top of the paper towel. After, you take a piece of paper towel and put it on top of your non-copper coin. Do the same thing as a pattern until you have used 5 copper coins and 5 non-copper coins. Make sure you have a piece of paper towel in between each coin. Finally, wet each finger tip and hold the ends of your battery. Do you feel a BZZ?

Is the presidential 5 dollar republic of Liberia coin silver?

I have a republic of Liberia coin as well, and the certificate that came with it states it is copper-nickel.

Which denominations of the euro coin are copper coloured?

1 Cent 2 Cents 5 Cents

How do you calculate the percentage of copper in a penny?

It depends on the date. If it's before 1982, the coin is 95% copper and 5% zinc. If it's newer than that, it's 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.

What is a 1946 copper penny valued at?

It's a common coin, worth around 5-10 cents.

How much is a copper 1958 penny worth?

This coin is common and is worth 2 to 5 cents in circulated condition.

What is the composition of a 2008 5 Gold American Eagle coin?

22KT Gold with Silver and Copper added for durability

What is metal used in a 5 cent coin?

United States 5 cent pieces, known as "nickels" are composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

How much nickel does a 5 cent coin contain?

U.S. nickels weigh 5 grams each and contain 25% nickel with 75% copper.

What is the value of a five cent euro?

5 cent euro coins (€0.05) have a value of one twentieth of 1 euro. Mass: 3.92 g The composition of the coin: Copper plated steel 94.35% stainless steel 5.65% copper The metal value is close to the 5 cent euro coin value. Making a 5 cent euro coin costs more than that. Images of 5 euro cents:

What is the 5 Shilling Somalia coin made of?

The pre-2000 Somali Five Shilling coin was made from a copper/nickel alloy. The post-2000 Somali Five Shilling (or Scellini) coin is made from aluminium.