What is a cross - connection?

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When two dissimilar piping materials are joined

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Q: What is a cross - connection?
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What is the definition of a plumbing cross connection?

what is a cross connection in plumbing

What is the duration of Cross Connection?

The duration of Cross Connection is 2.08 hours.

When was Cross Connection created?

Cross Connection was created on 2009-05-01.

What are the ratings and certificates for Cross Connection - 2009?

Cross Connection - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: India:U

When two dissimilar piping is joined together is this considered a cross connection?

A vent pipe is attached on top of a waste line NOT a cross connection A storm line connected into a soil or waste line NOT a cross connection A connection between potable water and water of unknown quality is a CROSS CONNECTION. Any fixture that is not protected by a vacuum breaker or AIR GAP or Air Break could allow a cross connection

What is cross-connection?

A connection that crosses between two otherwise separate systems.

A cross connection is when a faucet spout is below the flood rim of a fixture?

Sort of... a cross-connection can easily occur in that situation. A cross-connection is technically when contaminated/polluted water backs up into the potable (clean) water supply.

Is a cross connection when plumbing and electrical systems mix?


What is a cross connection?

When two dissimilar piping materials are joined

Which type of cabling is used vertical cross connection?

Commonly a FIBER cable will be used to do a vertical cross-connect.

What is an anastomosis?

An anastomosis is a cross-connection between two blood vessels.

What is a temporary connection between actin and myosin heads?

Cross bridge

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