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What is a cute height for girls?

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Well I like a shorter girl, but some guys like tall girls.

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I think he likes tall girls but it doesn't matter if you are short,cute but you must have a cute smile

girls or cute because they could have a CRUSH on you

Do boys like cute girls

Girls think that your face, hair, and some times personality is cute

Well that depends if you like girls than of course their cute if you don't you know gay then you like boys and you think their cute.

no, you're human arn't you? if the girls cute then shes cute it doesn't matter wether she does therepy or not.

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There are a few great stores to choose from when looking for cute clothes for girls. I always found K-Mart to have the best variety of cute girls clothes. You can also check out this site

Cute girls doing cute things.

Because girls probably think that he is cute.

They think there cute by acting young, they think some girls are cute and they think cartoons are cute. hope this helps

You can watch cute animation girls online at YouTube. The website has thousands of anime videos that can be watched for free.

Well, I think that it is a very bright and girly color, so that may be the reason that girls like it. Pink color suits on Girls' things and it is a very cute color and the cute color matches with cute girls!

Yeah, I think girls who sing are cute ;)

Girls that are just a little weird.

Guys love when girls do cute things like flip their hair, smile, wink, and giggle at their jokes.

So and so. to most girls he is cute for example 89% of girls in my class thought he was cute. and to guys they thought he looked like a (homosexual) becuase of his hair but in my opinion he is HOT!

Well the ones that have nice hair cute eyes and always hang out with girls

Hello Kitty goods and/or A cute cuddly toy like a kitten.

Girls grow during puberty and increase in height. Lots of changes happen to girls as they grow into an adult.

JB likes cute girls that r so sweet

Emma is a cute name for girls especially if their little GIRLs :)

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