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I will answer the 1st part of the question "What is a deficiency judgment tied to property".A deficiency balance is whatever is left of a loan when the security has been sold--such as a repoed car is sold for less than the loan amount plus repo costs, storage, title & taxes, the balance remaining on the loan after applying what the car sold for is a deficit balance.A judgment was filed by the lending company to recover whatever money is still due them anda judgment automatically ties to real estate property if the borrower owns a home.

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A person has right to survivorship to property in Ct and the spouse who died had a judgment lien on the property in his name only is this lien still valid?

No. A benefit of owning property by survivorship is that the moment one owner dies their interest in the property disappears and the survivor is the sole owner. The creditor is out of luck.

What does it mean when it says after the owners name on a deed trustee?

That means the grantee is a trustee who is holding title to the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries of a trust. They do not own the property as an individual.That means the grantee is a trustee who is holding title to the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries of a trust. They do not own the property as an individual.That means the grantee is a trustee who is holding title to the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries of a trust. They do not own the property as an individual.That means the grantee is a trustee who is holding title to the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries of a trust. They do not own the property as an individual.

What power take personal property to benefit the public?

The power to take personal property to benefit the public is called eminent domain.

Where might one go to learn more about the symptoms of zinc deficiency?

If you want to learn about symptoms of Zinc Deficiency, the one person you should be heavily interested in seeing would be a Nutritionist. A Nutritionist would be able to explain every aspect of the symptoms one would experience with a Zinc Deficiency. Also have the benefit of learning how to control it and ending your deficiency.

Can a VA benefit be used or attached to settle a lawsuit?

SS and Veteran benefits are not subject to judgment garnishment for creditor debt. They can be attached if the judgment is awarded in something such as a personal injury suit.

Can an executor spend money from a will?

Yes, if it is to the benefit of the estate, for instance such thing as maintaining the estate, utilities for property, property taxes, etc.

Can I claim the benefit of housing loan if the property is in my wife name?

Not if the loan is not in your name.

What does a lien on a home mean?

Lien means right on property to keep possession of it till debt due in respect of it is discharged. Thus a Bank has a lien on your property until the ouitstanding mortgage is paid.A lien is a means of "clouding" the title to your property. For example, there are mechanic's liens, tax liens, judgment liens, etc. If you have a lien on your property, that lien must be satisfied before you can reap the benefit of a sale of that property. In other words, you must "clear" the title (by paying sums due or performing) before you can pass that property through sale, etc. A title company can help you with this.

When is buying a house better than renting?

if you want to benefit from increase in property value

What are the benefits of living in a senior apartment?

The biggest benefit is that you may get lot of help from the neighbours , maintence is also less and is also rental is less

When must an insurable interest exist in a property policy?

Insurable interest is when a person receives a financial or other type of benefit from the continuous existence of the object that is insured. When dealing with property a person is entitled to insurable interest of the property up to the value of the property but not over the value of the property.

What incentive does owning private property give people?

Owning private property allows you to conduct whatever, legal activity, you want. It is a benefit to own private property for a means to conduct your own business, where you want.

If you have a judgment and miss several payments what are the benefits of paying again if it will come off your credit report in the next few months?

The benefit is that regardless of the removal from the CR, the judgment is valid. It is a court order and judges/courts do no like being ignored..if you get my drift.

Can creditors force a lien on property your wife owns if you are criminally charged?

No. Not unless they can prove the debts were incurred for her benefit.

What is an aspheterism?

An aspheterism is the teaching that all property should be in common ownership and no individual should benefit from personal possession.

Can a bank freeze your checking account with out an judgment?

Yes. Banks reserve the right to freeze funds to wait for checks and other items to clear the account. They often do this when you ask for the account to be closed. They can also do this when they receive an order from a court or other official to garnish the account, such as in the case of a judgment, child support order, tax lien seizure, federal or state-ordered property seizure under drug forfeiture laws, and probate court in the event that you have died without benefit of a will.

What to do with a civil summons that's not a credit card debt?

Get advice and attend the court or judgment will be given anyway without the judge having the benefit of knowing your circumstances.

Should property in trust be add when filing bankruptcy?

If you still own the property, or you control or can revoke the trust, absolutely. If your basically just the trustee of a trust that is holding things to benefit others, probably not.

Can a minor hold title of real estate property in AZ?

No, a minor cannot hold title to real estate. The property will go into a trust for the benefit of the minor until they reach the age of majority.

What is the scientific benefit of finding the density of rocks?

Density is just one property of rock that can be utilized in the discovery of ore deposits.

Can you collect unemployment if you own rental property?

Each state sets its own requirements, but in general, receiving rent from rental property could be considered "self-employment" and therefore income would be reduced from benefits on a prorated weekly basis, to the extent it was less than the benefit. If it exceeded the benefit, you would not receive it.

What is a trust property?

Title to real or personal property can be transferred to a trust through its trustee. When transferred to the trustee of the trust it becomes the trust property. The trustee named in the trust instrument then has the sole and absolute authority to manage the property but only according to the provisions of the trust FOR THE BENEFIT OF of the beneficiary. The person who transferred the real estate or personal property (money, stocks, etc.) to the trustee no longer owns the property. It is now the property of the trust.

Can you own property while on disability?

You can own property while on disability. If you are earning any money from these properties, you should notify your insurance carrier. These earnings may be an offset to your disabiliy benefit, but most likely not.

How long after you win a third party lawsuit can you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Winning a lawsuit will have no impact on your ability to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are a judgment creditor, the judgment might become an asset of the bankruptcy estate and the bankruptcy trust might choose to sell the judgment or enforce the judgment for the benefit of your creditors.. if someone files bankruptcy on as credit card does that a third party has charged on and the debt is cleared dose the third party continue paying for a debt that is no longer there

Can someone really benefit from buying a foreclosure home?

Yes, the buyer can get the property for an extremely lower price than what its probably worth.