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A dependant variable in an experiment is the portion of the experiment, or "y" variable that is subjected to change as a result of the various forms of the independent variable, or "x" variable.

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What is a measured outcome variable in a experiment called?

The variable you measure is called the dependant variable.A dependant variable is what you observe or measure to get your results.The dependent variable.

Independent and dependentare types of these?

Independent and dependant are types of variables in an experiment. The independent variable is what is being manipulated within the experiment and the dependant variable is the result of that change.

The variable that a scientist changes when conducting an experiment is called the variable?

A factor that can be changed in an experiment is called an independent variable.

What must a proper experiment have in it?

indipendante variable, dependant variable, and a control group

What variable is a condition in an experiment that gets affected by the independent variable?

The dependant variable is affected by the independent variable

What make an experiment a controlled experoment?

An experiment with only one dependant variable and one experimental variable. -Apex

How many variable can be changed in an experiment?

for the experiment to be accurate, there is one independent variable (the thing you change), and one dependant variable (the thing changed by the independent variable and what you measure)

Is a continuous variable the same as a dependent variable?

definitely not. Dependant variable is a variable that you measure . A controlled variable is something that you keep the same in the experiment.

What does independent variables in science?

Hello, Well what you would be looking for is what an independent variable means. Assuming you understand what a variable is and a dependant variable is, here goes: An independant variable is the variable which you change in an experiment. Note you can only have 1 variable that can change in an experiment and more than one independent variable will result in an unfair experiment. An example is an experiment looking at the growth of trees in the Dark, in a dimly lit room and in the direct sun. The independant variable is the location of the experiment, because this is what is being changed. Simply: The Independent Variable is the variable that is independent and you change. The dependant variable is what changes when the independent variable changes. To conduct an experiment, you will have an independent variable and change that to see how the dependant variable changes with the independent one. Hope I Helped

What is the dependent variable in a dry ice experiment?

what are the dependant variables and independant variabales in the dry ice experiment

What is a independent vairable?

The independent variable in any experiment is the variable that does not change and control the other variables, a dependant variable can be influenced on by the independent variable.

What is the difference between a dependant and independent variable in an experiment?

The independent variable is what you did differently in the experiment compared to the controlled experiment; it's also called manipulated variable. The dependent variable is what changed in the experiment as a result of the independent variable; it's also called the responding variable x hope this helps :)

Dependent and independent variables and control?

The control is the variable that stays the same.The independent variable is the thing(s) that is being changed in the experiment.(don't have too many independent variables o your experiment will not work correctly).The dependant variable is the variable that depends the on the independent variable for the experiment.

Can you change an independent variable?

Yes, independant variables are the variables that are changed in an experiment to observe the results, called the dependant variable.

What is dependent variables?

A dependant variable is a term used in science to identify the response that is measured in an experiment. When a researcher conducts an experiment, he is interested in the outcome, defined as the dependent variable.

What is the difference between a dependant and independent variable?

Independent variable is a kind of variable in an experiment that can't be controlled or changed. While dependent variable is a result or effect of the independent variable.

Independent and dependent variable?

a dependant variable is a variable which is dependant on the results

Difference between dependent variable and independent variable?

independent variable: factors in a experiment which you have control of and can change it. dependant variable: factors in a experiment that you have no control of and which and can't change it when wanted : D good luck. God Bless Madison

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