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What was the largest German state before unification?


Where did the surname of Hollenbach originate?

Bavaria, before the German unification.

Which was the largest of the German states before unification?

The largest state was Prussia.

What steps were taken towards German unification before 1850?

The War of Liberation in 1813 and 1814 was a step toward German unification. The Revolution of 1848 was another step.

Was German national health insurance postwar pacification?

no, it was something that the German people decided on even before the unification.

What was the most powerful German state before unification?

Prussia and Austria were the two most powerful German states.

What was the largest of the German states before unification?

I not 100 percent positive but I think the answer is Prussia.

What was the German Unification?

Before the German Unification, what is now Germany was divided into many separate, small nations. The German Unification was a treaty that was signed on January 18th, 1871 at the Palace of Versailles famous "Hall of Mirrors." In the treaty, the small German nations united to form the German Empire under Emperor Wilhelm, previously the Emperor of Prussia, one of the German nations that was part of the Unification. Due to several major religious, cultural, and linguistic differences, however, it took some time before the country would actually feel united.

Is daniel Tosh german?

yes he was born in the Rhineland in West Germany before the unification of germany in 1990.

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Did Confucius live before or after the first unification of china?

Confucious lived before the first unification. The first unification was in 246 B.C.E. and he was born in 551 to 479 B.C.E.

Was Germany a country in 1850?

There was no central government in 1850 but there was a very loose confedation of the German states. More importantly, Germany existed a cultural nation long before unification in 1871.

What was Germany before it was Germany?

Prio to unification as the nation of Germany; the German states existed as a hodge podge of autonomous countries loosely unified under the name of the Holy Roman Empire.

Which country controlled much of Italy before unification?


Explain unification of India Germany?

why the need for unification in both India & GermanyAnswercondition of Germany before 1871 Answercondition of Germany before 1871 Answercondition of Germany before 1871 AnswerCondition OF India immediately after 1947

What serial number do you have to have before its a pre 64 model?

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How was Prussia was structured before unification?

Before the unification of Germany, Prussia was a monarchy led by a king. The Minister President was another leadership position, which was appointed by the king. Prussian citizens voted for the members of the parliament indirectly.

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When did Germany adopt the metric system?

The North German Confederation adopted the metric system in 1868 and the remaining states in 1875 (after unification). In some of the German states the metric and pre-metric systems were both in use before 1868 - and after 1875. I have an old German ruler which is metric on one edge and give Rhenish inches on the other edge.

What country used the pfennig?

Germany, and its predecessor states before unification in 1871

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Why had earlier attempts failed at unifying Germany before Bismarck tried and How and why did Bismarck unify Germany?

Unification of Germany failed prior to Bismarck because there was not an agreed upon direction for that unification. The powers of Germany before unification attempted the process with the Frankfurt Assembly; however, it was unsuccessful because it established Germany as a federal union with a monarch to run it, but there was not support for that decision. Bismarck came into power a year after the Frankfurt Assembly and stated that unification of Germany would be through the use of military force. His plan to unify Germany began by instituting taxes which would fund Prussian forces. The next phase of Bismarck's plan was to use the Prussian army to unify Germany through three specific wars that strategically increased Prussia's power and gained the confidence and support of the German people for unification.

Did the German people want the unification?

Most definately the average worker did as Germany was in huge debt and hardly and middle and lower class citizens had much money at all and they believed Hitler would bring Germany back to the way it was before the war.

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