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What is a dewlap?

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a dewlap is mass of skin under a rabbits neck == A fold of skin that depends from the neck. It's a normal feature; not a condition. This occurs in dogs and humans as well as rabbits -- other animals as well.
a lose peice of skin hangging from animal neck

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Is breed or age have anything to do with determining that a rabbit has or not have a dewlap?

In most breeds the doe has a dewlap and a buck is disqualified if it has a dewlap. Some breeds do not have a dewlap at all. A doe will have a dewlap by the time she is breeding age (which is 6 months:)

Is the dewlap only on male moose?

No, several other animals have a dewlap

What dog breed has dewlap?

If I know what a dewlap is then probably a bulldog and blood hound

Do all female rabbits have a dewlap?

No. There are some breeds recognized by the ARBA that are disqualified if they have a noticeable dewlap.

What is a turkey's dewlap?

a turkey's dewlap is the flap of skin under its neck. Also called a Wattle.

Do female moose have a dewlap?


What lizard has a dewlap?


What type of zebra has a dewlap?

A Mountain Zebra has a dewlap. The other two major breeds of Zebras - Berchell's and Grevy's - do not.

Do male rabbits have a dewlap?

They can but they shouldn't. The dewlap is the large flap of skin underneath a rabbit's chin that the does pull fur from to build their nests.

What is the function of the dewlap on a cow?

Nothing, really.

Do male bunnies have extra fur around their neck?

It's the female rabbits that have the extra fur. It's called a dewlap. It's different from the dewlap of other animals in that it's fatty, and the mother rabbit plucks fur from her dewlap to line her nest for her babies.

Characteristics of green iguanas?

it has a red or green dewlap

What is another name for a turkeys wattle?

dewlap or caruncle

What is the loose skin under a lizard's throat?


What is the thing on a mooses neck called?

A dewlap or bell

Why do lizards show their dewlap?

breeding and territorial reasons

Will the dewlap get smaller?

Nope. Love the animal as it is. :D

Why do male rabbits have a dewlap?

Female rabbits are usually the ones who have dewlaps, but if a male has been neutered, he may develop a dewlap because of the lack of male hormones in his body.

How do you know if your anole is a boy or girl?

Males have a large and prominent dewlap which the flash as they bob their heads to attract females and threaten other males. This dewlap is only visible during these displays, but you there is a safe method of forcing the lizard to display its dewlap. If you hold the lizard upside down by the very base of its tail (as close as you can possibly get to the body), the lizard should extend its dewlap. If it is very large, your anole is a male.

What is a anole's neck called?

The red flap on males is a "dewlap."

How can you tell if your iguana is a male or a female?

Size color and dewlap

What is the name of the excess skin around cows throat?


Is a dewlap found on a male new zealand rabbit?


What northern animal is known for the dewlap or bell that hangs from its chin?

RABBITS,FROGS ,LIZARDS, SOME REPTILES (SINCE A dewlap is a longitudinal flap of skin that hangs beneath the lower jaw or neck)

Do rabbit females or rabbit males have a dewlap?

Most females have dewlaps, some males do also. The dewlap is more prominent on female rabbits than male rabbits; it's also prominent in some breeds than others; it's also more prominent when the rabbit is overweight. A dewlap in male show rabbits is a disqualification.