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A cable converter box sends and receives data over cable from a satellite dish. Data that is received is transposes into a single channel.

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Q: What is a digital device that sends and receives digital data over the cable television network?
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What is a specialized entertainment device that is specifically designed to retrieve digital media from computers or storage devices on a network and display them on televisions or home theater system?

A digital multimedia receiver (DMR) or digital media adapter (DMA) is a home entertainment device that can connect to a home network to retrieve digital media files (such as music, pictures, or video) from a personal computer ( or other media server and play it back on home theater system or TV.

What are receiving devices in computer?

As the name suggest, a receiving device receives data that is transmitted by a sending device. Your wireless router and network access points are both senders and receivers. A receive-only device is one that receives but does not transmit. An RF receiver is an example of a receive-only device. E.g., a Freeview receiver can receive digital television transmissions but it does not transmit. A receiver is obviously not a computer in the traditional sense, but it does have microprocessors, memory and is re-programmable through firmware upgrades. It's primary purpose is to decode the transmissions it receives so, by any definition of the word, it is a computer.

What device sends and receives information about the network layer?

a router

What is a device that sends and receives information on a network called?

a server

Is there a handheld device that receives satellite tv?

iphones and ipod are one of them.

What is network cable?

A network cable is what is used to connect your television or other electronic device to another electronic device to receive data. The cable cord that is plugged into your television is a network cable.

How much does a freeview recorder regularly cost?

The standard device cost around £20, but Integrated digital TVs with freeview built in cost around £150. For the standard device you will only need a digital box or digital TV recorder that will work with your existing TV.

Is televisor a noun?

Yes it is a noun. It is any electronic device that sends or receives television images.

Which option shows the correct order of PDU de-encapsulation when a device receives messages from a network?

Frame, packet, segment, and lastly data shows the correct order of PDU de-encapsulation when a device receives messages from a network.

What is the purpose of a DSLAM in the telecommunications industry?

A DSLAM or digital subscriber line access multiplexer is a network device in the telecommunications industry. It receives multiple signals from multiple subscribers DSL connections in order to transfer the signals to the the high-speed network backbone.

What kind of communications device sends and receives data and information to and from a digital line such as ISDN and cable?


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