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What is a disclaimer clause?

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mostly Do it Yourself Books, software companies etc. put disclaimer clause to limit their liability which may arise from any mis happening or unexpected results caused by software. Example : if some is using Java programming language in operating Airplane via remote control , if something happens, Sun Inc. will not be responsible for this, the Disclaimer Clause protect them against such incidents.

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Show samples of disclaimer clause?

A disclaimer removes responsibility from the designing or selling entity and places it on the shoulders of the consumer.

If a car is left with a garage for repair and is crashed by garage employee can garage use general disclaimer of liability clause to escape liability?

Absolutely not. General liability disclaimer does not cover negligence.

Ano ang disclaimer sa tagalog?


How would you use Disclaimer in a sentence?

Please read our disclaimer.

What is the opposite of disclaimer?

Approval is the word. Approval is the opposite of disclaimer.

What is another name for the implied powers clause?

The Necessary and Proper Clause (also known as the Elastic Clause, the Basket Clause, the Coefficient Clause, and the Sweeping Clause)

Which kind of clause functions as a subject object or complement?

independent clausenoun clauseadverb clauseadjective clause

What is an objective clause?

An objective clause is a clause which is like a learning objective but this is the objective for an clause

In which sentence is the underlined clause an adjective clause?

In which sentence is the underlined clause an adjective clause

When you use the word disclaimer in a sentence?

A disclaimer is a statement of denial, especially of responsibility. The movie showed the standard disclaimer during the credits.

What is a disclaimer of opinion?

A disclaimer of opinion, which means that the auditor provides no opinion,

What is the Afrikaans word for disclaimer?

The Afrikaans word for disclaimer is "vrywaring."

What is an adverbial clause?

An adverbial clause is a subordinate clause which functions as an adverb within the main clause.

What are two names for the elastic clause?

There are actually four other names for the Elastic Clause: Proper and Necessary Clause (mainly) Basket Clause Coefficient Clause Sweeping Clause

An adjective clause is a clause that?

a dependent clause that modifies a noun

What kind of clause contains a subject and a predicate?

It can be an independent clause or a dependent clause. It is an independent clause if does not have a word at the beginning like "but" or "because". If there is a word like this at the beginning of the clause, it is a dependent clause.

What is an insubordinate clause?

An insubordinate clause is just another word for an Independent clause. A subordinate clause is just another word for a Dependent clause. An Independent clause is a sentence that can stand by itself and a dependent clause can't stand by itself.

What is a dependent clause also called?

A dependent clause is also called a subordinate clause or an embedded clause.

When was Disclaimer - album - created?

Disclaimer - album - was created in 2001.

What is clause?

What is a noun clause?

What is a clause that could a sentence by itself?

subordinate clause; main clause

What clause must always be combined with an independent clause?

A dependent clause.

A clause that could be a sentence by itself is a?

main clause; subordinate clause

What is the difference between a subordinate clause and subordinate clause?

There isn't a difference between a subordinate clause and a subordinate clause.

When the subordinate clause called an adjective clause?

the subordinate clause is the part of the sentence that comes after the main clause it is used to tell or explain more about the main clause.