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What is a dsc degree?

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A Dsc degree stands for Doctor of Science.


It is higher than the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy). The D.Sc. is unique: it is not for graduate students. It is only for Ph.D.- level Science Professors at universities and colleges in biomedicine, biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, or physics!

The D.Sc. is a doctorate diploma for professors who already finished a post-doctoral fellowship and have a Ph.D. The D.Sc. can only be earned by passing a written and oral defense of the professor's 10 year lab research career! 10 YEARS! Therefore, the D.Sc. is a doctorate diploma that test's the validity of a science professor's professional research specialty! If that professor passes and earns the D.Sc, their professional science lab research career is validated.

The Ph.D.-level science professor must do an oral defense in front of a committee of other D.Sc., Ph.D.-level science professors. The D.Sc. oral defense is similar to a PhD oral defense. If that professor fails to earn the D.Sc., then their professional science lab research career would be vulnerable and open to doubt and questioning. The D.Sc. is the ultimate test of how good a research science professor REALLY is in their lab research specialty in biomedicine, biology, chemistry,geology, engineering, or physics.

In the United States, the formally recognized traditional Doctor of Science is an academic research doctoral degree awarded by research universities. The academic research Sc.D. (or D.Sc.) is recognized by both the United States Department of Education and the National Science Foundation to be equivalent to the more commonly awarded Ph.D.[1]

The first North American Sc.D. was inaugurated by Harvard University in 1872 - when graduate studies first began at Harvard, and where the Ph.D. and Sc.D. degrees were first introduced in the same year[2]. The Doctor of Science research degree is earned with the formal dissertation defense and approval of a committee on the basis of original research and publications, and it is awarded predominantly in doctoral-level science programs, such as engineering, medical and health sciences, and health economics[3].

Although rarer than the Doctor of Philosophy, the Doctor of Science degree has been awarded by major institutions, such as Harvard University[4], Johns Hopkins University[5], Massachusetts Institute of Technology[6], Washington University in St. Louis[7], Tulane University[8], and Robert Morris University[9]. Doctoral programs at Johns Hopkins University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology that offer the Sc.D degree also offer the Ph.D. degree - and requirements for obtaining the two degrees are identical. Currently, doctoral-level research programs that offer the Sc.D. but not the Ph.D. degree include several doctoral programs at Harvard University[1]

, Boston University, and The George Washington University. Also there are programs where Sc.D. and Ph.D. consist different degree requirements, though two degrees officially are still considered equivalent. The Engineering school at Washington University in St. Louis, for example, requires four more graduate courses in the D.Sc program than in the Ph.D program, while the Ph.D requires teaching assistance services. The Johns Hopkins University also offers both Ph.D. and Sc.D. in certain programs[2]

, with only minor differences in university administration of the degrees. In some institutions, the Ph.D. has even been converted from the Sc.D[10]. For instance, the doctoral degree in biostatistics at Harvard recently converted from Sc.D. to Ph.D. - even though the doctoral-degree structure, requirements, and doctoral academic regalia have remained identical[10].

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