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What is a dynamic stretch?


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A dynamic stretch is a form of stretching which is beneficial in sports utilizing momentum from form. It is a static-active stretching that propels muscles into an extended range of motion.

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When you hold a stretch for an extended period, then you are performing a static stretch. Dynamic stretching is an active stretching routine that has you slowly moving through motions to increase your heart rate, raise your body temperature and send extra blood to your muscles.

Ballistic stretches involve the lengthening of muscles during movement. They are used for warming up for training and competing in sports. These exercises are also known as dynamic stretches. The opposite of the ballistic stretch is the passive or static stretch where the stretch position is held in pace for approximately 30 seconds.

Start out with a dynamic warm-up, then stretch all the muscles in your body that you know of! Try yoga, aerobics, and stretch in the morning and before you go to bed!

"Dynamic" means that you are in motion while you perform the exercise. An example of dynamic stretching would be putting your toes on the edge of a step and bouncing as your heels drop below the edge. This would stretch the gastrocnemius. Dynamic stretching can be dangerous because it can lead to muscle tears and other injuries if done improperly so you should learn proper stretching techniques from a qualified trainer.

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First off, there are static and dynamic ropes. Static ropes do not stretch and are mostly used for rappelling, hauling, fixed lines, and probably some other stuff I do not know about. This is because none of these activities involve large forces - such as what would be created during a fall. Dynamic ropes stretch, and are the main type of rope used for rock climbing. This is because they stretch to absorb the shock of the climbing rope. In fact, if I remember correctly, some rock climbing ropes can stretch to as much as 30% more than it's original length. Dynamic ropes come in a wide range of diameters and can also be divided into three categories - single ropes, half ropes, and twin ropes. One would choose a certain diameter and type of rope based on the activity they plan on doing.

Dynamic climbing rope stretches when it is loaded, so for a climber this means that when he falls, the rope will stretch a little as weight is applied, making a fall softer and safer. A static climbing rope does not stretch and has its advantages in situations where you need a rope that does not stretch or give, such as rappelling or caving use. A static rope should not be used by climbers who are lead climbing because taking a fall on a static rope can lead to serious injury to the climber or even cause the rope to snap as it does not properly absorb the force it needs to cushion a fall.

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