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A current.

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Q: What is a electron flow in only one direction called?
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Noncyclic electron flow results in the generation of what?

It ends up in the chlorophyll. Also, the electron flow produces ATP and NADPH.

How part of the theory of circulation was changed?

People used to think that blood could flow in any direction in the veins. William Harvey came up with evidence used to show that blood moved only in one direction through veins. He discovered that the valves in the veins permit blood to flow in one direction only. He said that blood circulates in only one direction through the body and returns to the heart.

Why is an electro magnet a temporary magnet?

It is only magnetized when electricity is run through it. Once you stop the electron flow it reverts back to its original state.

Is it true for an electric current to flow only if two objects have a different charge?

Only if there is a potential difference between two points, does the charge move specifically in a direction.

What is the direction of current flow in a Battery and why?

Current means flow. Electric current means flow of electric charges Now there are two kind of charges. They are positive and negative But current is defined as the flow of positive charges But in metallic wires there is no chance for positive charges to flow through. Only loosely bound electrons with negative charge are capable of flowing. So current is case of metallic wire is due to electrons. So we have to assign as "conventional current". Conventional current is always opposite to the flow of electron flow Now from a battery current (conventional) flows right from positive polarity to the negative polarity. But within batter is has to flow right from negative to positive so as to complete the circuit of flow.

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The expression alternating current refers to which form of energy?

Alternating current is a flow of electrical energy in which the direction of electron flow reverses periodically. The mains electricity in your house is likely Alternating Current. The other form is Direct Current, where the direction of electron flow is in one direction only. Such as the flow from the batteries in your flashlight.

What allows current to flow in one direction?

A diode is one of the fundamental building blocks of electronics. They allow the flow of electrons in one direction only. Thus are commonly used as rectifiers to turn ac voltages into dc. [A dry cell (mistakenly called a battery, which is a group of cells) will allow electron flow in one direction only, or rather, it will provide current flow in one direction. ]

Why diode is called mechanical valve?

A valve allows flow in only one direction. Diodes allow electrical current to flow in one direction only.

Why it is that electron does not flow there is no current flowing?

Electrons are in random motion in a material, such that there is no resultant electron movement. Hence a material has no current flow by its own. Only the directed flow of this charge in a direction, will results in current. when we provide sufficient energy (for example by mean of applied potential difference ) the net motion of the electron gives rise to the current flow.

What happened to electron under ac voltage and dc voltage?

when electrons flow under AC they flow in both direction firstly forward then in reverse and it does this for as long as there is a potential difference applied to the circuit. under DC the current only flows in one direction only

When flow can reverse its direction regularly it is called?

Alternating Current (AC) reverses its flow constantly, unlike DC (constant current) which flows in one direction only.

What is a current consisting of charges that flow only in one direction called?

A Direct Current or DC direct current is a current consisting of charges that flow only in one direction.

What are the flaps of tissue that allow flow of fluid in only one direction?

Flaps of tissue that force unidirectional flow are called valves.

In what direction does lymph flow?

The direction of lymph flow is always towards the Thoracic Lymph duct .

What gives electrons there electricity?

Electrons don't have electricity they only posses energy, Electricity is defined as the flow of electrons! In conductors the flow of valence electrons are called Electricity! therefore inducing a current in it! generally the direction of flow the current is the opposite of the direction of flow of electrons(D.C)!

Does blood only flow in one direction through the heart?


What component allows current flow in only one direction?

In a word - yes.add There are valves in the heart and in the veins, and in addition there are tiny structures precapillary sphincters, which control the flow from the arteriole (little artery) to the capillaries which then become venules (tiny veins).