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What is a eye dropper?

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A glass or plastic pipette with a rubber bulb that is used to drop medicines into the eye.

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How many millimeters can a eye dropper hold?

It depends on the eye-dropper

Amount in an commercial eye dropper?

amount in a normal commercial eye dropper?

What is a eye dropper used for?

A eye dropper is used to measure right amount of chemicals

What is a medicine eye dropper?

An eye dropper is a small tube with a flexible bulb on one end and a narrow opening on the other that is used to measure drops of a liquid. A medicine eye dropper is an ordinary eye dropper, just used to dispense medicine.

What can you use to measure an eye dropper?

A ruler would work best if you are wanting to measure the length of an eye dropper.

A what equal to milliliter?

an eye dropper

What is the use of an eye dropper in a lab?

It is used to wash away substances that enters the eye. If there are gases that came into contact with the eye by accident and causes irritation, the eye dropper would be what you use.

What is the difference between aGlass eye dropper and volumetric pipette?

usually a glass eye dropper does not have volume measurements on it. and a volumetric pipette can be plastic

When was the first eye dropper used?

It was most likely invented before recorded history. A reed was probably used as the first eye dropper .

Unit to measure water in an eye dropper?

What measurements units would be best to measure the amount of wanter in and eye dropper

How is a dropper used?

A dropper for administering liquid medicines, especially one for dispensing medications into the eye.

How many milliliters are in an eye dropper?


What is a dropper bottle?

A dropper bottle is a glass vial that has a cap with an eye dropper. They allow you to add drops of a liquid to something or fill capsules with mixtures.

What is the scientific term for eye dropper?

They're just called eye droppers.

Amount of fluid in an eye dropper?

1 kiloliter

How much millimeters does a eye dropper hold?


Which unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the volume of an eye-dropper?

It Is Fluid Ounces^2

How do you say dropper in Spanish?

As in eye dropper? You say, "cuentagotas." Cuenta means "it counts," and gotas means "drops."

What is a dropper and how is it used?

A dropper for administering liquid medicines, especially one for dispensing medications into the eye.A dropper is very similar to a Pasteur pipette.See the Related Questions and Web Links to the left for more information about eye droppers and Pasteur pipettes

Is a eye dropper a fluid ounce?

No! It is approximately 1 kiloliter

Does a eye dropper have 3 milliliter or 3 liters?

Considering that a big bottle of soda is 2 liters, you can guess that a tiny eye dropper would have milliliters.

Can an eye dropper measure volume?

Yes. The eye droppers measure mL which is volume

How much is an eye dropper full when feeding a baby mouse?

About 1ml

Eye dropper measure in liters or millimeters?

Neither. "Milliliters" is plausible.

How do i get eighth of a teaspoon without a measuring tool?

Use an eye dropper.