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A farm, of course. It's a hobby farm if it is a type of farm where the owner is growing crops and animals just for a hobby. It's a farm if the owner is producing crops for profit. It's a mixed farm if the owner is producing both crops and livestock for profit, and it's a ranch if the owner is producing livestock on an extensive basis. Dairy farms are those that raise cows or goats to produce milk for profit.

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Q: What is a farm in America called?
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What is a cattle farm in North America called?

It can be called a ranch or a cattle farm.

Is a farm in America called branch?

The answer is false believe me im telling the truth

What were large cattle ranchers with rich farm land called in latin America?


Large cattle ranches with rich farm land in latin america?

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What is a honey farm called?

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What is the named of a farm with horse on it?

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What a farm where milk is produced called?

A dairy farm