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What is a fast-running wild cat that has a spotted coat with 7 letters?


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A cheetah meets your description.


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Many wild cats have spotted fur coats. For example, leapords and cheetahs.

This is a matter of opinion. If you like a cat with a spotted coat the resemble its wild cousins, then it is very likely that you will like the Bengal.

Many spotted cats are kept as pets and their is alot of them still left in the wild

The ocelot definitely has the prettiest coat of all wild cats.

The ocelot is a spotted animal. It is a wild cat in South America.

The spotted skunk is still fairly common, but exact figures are lacking.

The spotted coat is a natural camouflage, which enables them to blend into vegetation in the wild. As with the tiger's stripes, it helps the leopard avoid detection by its enemies or its prey.As a form of camouflage. It helps the animal to blend into the the environment.

Wild bores, spotted dears, brown beers, foxes, wild cat, peregrine etc.

yes they are very timid and are ussually not spotted in the wild

Wild steelix's hold it sometimes

a tigers coat protects it.

an Atlantic spotted dolphin lives to about thirty in captivity, but i don't know how long it lives in the wild

The chick or poult is tan and spotted and fuzzy.

Yes. Those are referred to Appaloosa's. They are indian ponies.

In the wild they can live up to 20-30 years.

Yes, the Margay is a wild spotted nocturnal cat native to the Americas. It lives alone in remote areas of the rainforest.

YES it is prey to lions,leopards, spotted hyenas,cheeates and wild dogs

there diet are fish monkys fowls wild pig spotted dear

No, it is the name of a spotted wild cat, which is native to central and south America.

You can find it on a wild Magnemite or Magneton, but the chances are very slim at 5%. (1 in every wild 20 wild Magnemite or Magneton)

almost all salamanders have 24 chromosomes. I don't believe it is any different for the "spotted"- most likely wild type- creature you have described.

First of all, there are two different species of spotted dolphins. One lives in the Atlantic, the Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis), and one lives only in tropical waters, the pan-tropical Spotted dolphin (Stenells attenuata). The dolphins being used by the famous Wild Dolphin Project in the Bahamas are Atlantic spotted dolphins.

you have to trade it for it to evolve with metal coat. but heres an idea just get a wild Steelix

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